How to Fix Hair FALL & Hair THINNING | Important Tips by Guru Mann

How to Fix Hair FALL & Hair THINNING | Important Tips by Guru Mann


How to Stop Hair Fall /hair loss and Grow healthy Long Hair Faster important tips by Fitness expert Guru Mann.

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  1. Bhaiyo kya hair regrow bhi ho sakte hai please reply

  2. bai desi ghee me..Omega 3 hai

  3. Thanks alot sir ….u r a saviour ✌️👍👍

  4. Hair fall area m hair phir se grow kr skate hai?

  5. Jabse delhi aaya hu hairfall pe hairfall ho raha hai pata nhi kya hai aisa yahan beard tak ke hair fall ho rahe hai yahan… any one jiske saath ye hua delhi aake

  6. Omega 3 ke liye supplement bataye

  7. I found out my reasons
    1.Bathing hot Hot water everyday
    2. aspartane sweetener

  8. Hi guru mann
    plz help me .I have tried every possible way to reduce weight around my belly but Im unable to do so Bcoz of which I have been rejected from police job also .Since last 3 yrs I qualify written but not physical .
    I used to even go for jogging and did many home exercises as well but nothing worked so far.I'm 26 yrs old , 5.5 ft height and 81 kgs weight . I cannot efford gym and stay in mumbai ..I have even seen your weight loss and fat loss program and I even followed some but fat from all over my body has almost gone except around belly .Plz reply email –
    If I take whey protein and do cycling then will it help. My exams are coming.

  9. bhai ki body Salman PE bhari

  10. Sir g. Hair regrow par koi video banaeye. Plz sir g

  11. If we go to gym we will have sweat in the hair evereday right. So still we shouldnt wash our hair daily?

  12. How to remove miliya sir is pe tips do please

  13. Very nice video guru maan..

  14. Bhaiya vitamin E balon ke liye achhe hite hye kya ??? Bataiye pls..

  15. Best oil for thicken and harden you hair is, SARSO KA OIL, Believe me friends its really works + multivitamin with biotin

  16. Testrone level isliye jhonny sin takla hai🤣🤣🤣

  17. Sir white hair ko kese prevent kare

  18. How to convert white hair into black hair

  19. Baal hi achhe the mere
    Betichod wo b jhad gaye 😣
    Single hi maruga behncho.

  20. Stress cause hair loss 100% first reason from many reason

  21. Sir mein 6 year ho gaya gym jate mera hair los dhire dhire badte jaharh hai kam nahin hota mein sab kuch karlya kuch fark nahin padta hai sir please please ……

  22. Hair Regrowth hoga Kya??

  23. I would request to make a video on perfect Indian diet plan based on gender & for different age groups which includes all the nutrition required for healthy living.

  24. 12:22 surakshit kaale mere baal..vasmol ne kiya kamaal..

  25. Can anyone tell me the name of background music .

  26. Very nice explanation,very simple and neat which is lacking in many videos specially Indian made videos.
    Thanks buddy….

  27. which shampoo do I use for my hair?

  28. Derma roller pe video karye na plz

  29. I think no. 1 reason is hereditary/genetic. If you have family history of hair fall, nothing in the world can stop the hair fall. If something could, nobody would have been bald today, given how much one loves his/her hair.
    This video is going to help only if your hair fall is due to unnatural causes such as bad diet, unhygiene etc.

  30. Good video but you not mention the quantity of the mineral, vitamin

  31. Baba Ramdev Na Toh Itna Protein Lete Hai Na Itni Meals Lete Hai Lekin Itne Umr Ho Gaye Hai Par hair Or Body Bhot Acchhi Hai unka Kya Raaz Hai -Gurumann

  32. Gurumann Sir Jinke Baal Ja Chuke Hai Woh Kaise Sahi Kare


  33. Sir Apni Immunity Kaise Acchi Kare


  34. Week me kitne din shampoo karu??

  35. Bro mera dandruff kelea bal jhar rahay kaya karu??

  36. Hello!! Do consuming whey protein causes hairfall?

  37. guru bhai plzz beard growth pr ek video banao na plzzz…….means diet kya lena chahiye aur nutrients konse lene chahiye plzzz….

  38. Bro please tell that how to increase hair density n to get thicker hair

  39. sir …Fat loss program se masl pr koi effect nh pdega….

  40. Sir pepsi black zero calorie par video banae is good for health or fat loss

  41. Should I take iron tablets?

  42. Thanks u very much gurubhai

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