how to get rid of perm, extremely short women’s haircut

how to get rid of perm, extremely short women’s haircut


from this video you will learn how to get rid of perm and get extremely short women’s haircut.

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  1. Nice!!! Amazing work, Maksim! God, I bet you are the best hairdresser in the whole Odessa, at least 😫🙂😉

  2. Мне к сожалению пока что сложно так стричь без выделения зон. Я начинаю теряться в балансе

  3. I think it's a great change!!!! I think it's very good luck!!

  4. Первая мысль – " И на баррикады… то ли Гаврош, то ли Жанна д'Арк "… Ну вот так мне видится.

  5. Thank you for the video. I liked to see the whole cutting process, how the cut is shaped until the finish because it’s tricky to cut this thick hair. Well done 👏

  6. WONDERFUL, Good job, Very sexy👌

  7. This is beautiful, love the way it frames her face.

  8. Siempre se aprende de usted, en gran manera!

  9. Have you gotten metal surgically imbedded in between your knuckles?

  10. This cut became stupid looking when you cut the bangs and sides so bluntly and made her nose look very big.

  11. Absolutely marvellous , haircut, suit to model very much.

  12. Is that a Mizutani metal comb?

  13. You are very talented 🌷👋🏼and very kind heart ❤️ thank you so much 🌼🌞🌼🌞

  14. 손에 상처가 생각보다 심해요 ㅠㅠ 조심해요 ㅠㅠ

  15. Спасибо за красоту ))

  16. Beautiful cut. She looks so pretty.

  17. Что с правой рукой?

  18. Уаауу :))) Очарователно .Благодаря. Днес имах успех,прилагайки показания от Вас -къс боб с класическа градация.Доволен резултат.Благодаря:))

  19. 👍👋👋👋👋👋🍀Супер))

  20. Very nice!!!!! Congratulations !!!!! Your hand looks better! Take care

  21. Освободил девушку 💯

  22. Эта равномерная стоижка просто супер! Она в мини длине очень секси! Она же на других длинах прекрасно работает! Максим прекрасно оформил эту идею!

  23. xcellent scissor over comb work, lov the contour line in front

  24. Как всегда потрясающе Максим!Девушка интересная и красивая,ей идёт такой необычный образ👍🏻👏🏻

  25. Good technique but I don't like the result. 😞I'm sorry but that's what I think .

  26. Такие кудри остригли😩

  27. Sir .. why do i feel that the cut on back just above the neck is not balanced left side is flat while right has an arch . No offence 😊🤘🏼

  28. Awesome…you ARE my mentor,

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