How to Give Your Girlfriend a Haircut

How to Give Your Girlfriend a Haircut


This is a beginners guide for the ambitious boyfriend wanting to give their girlfriend a haircut. A few weeks ago, my girlfriend asked me to give her a trim… It went a little bit differently than expected….


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  1. Next skill: How to get your girlfriend pregnant.

  2. Funny video!! I would love to feature it on my hairstyle channel. Can I please? You can count on me to give you all the credit and of course to link back to all your places 😉

  3. Dude you gained 5k since I subbed earlier, congrats!

  4. Step 1:Get a girlfriend.

  5. wow irina is Georgian name 😀

  6. Is your girlfriend russian?

  7. You forgot step 0

    Get a girlfriend or anyone who acually loves you ;__;

  8. Your videos style, just dope! Excited to Come, if you opened Sallon 52skillz! Lol, a big fan of You!

  9. your girlfriend is soooooo HOTTTTT

  10. iryna ! did your hair grow back !! we need proper proud ! mr barber you must learn to practice hair cut on threads first, a doctor cant start practicing on live human bodies right !!

  11. its only hair grow up girl

  12. how to tell your girlfriend you're gay

  13. Cutting your girlfriend's hair is something every guy should do for his lady, but understand cutting off six inches rather than a 1/2" is why I fired the salon and have my guy trim my hair, because he is not scissor happy. Cutting off too much is really a big deal, and guys who want a happy girlfriend should remember when we say 1/2 – 1" we don't mean six inches.

  14. You are an inspiration to MANkind.

  15. what can u do bout my hair???

  16. Great haircut she looks great with a shorter trim. Wish you had put a haircape or full sheet around the front of her though to give it the barbershop look.

  17. French pro tip:
    de is pronounced… how do I spell this phonetically for an Anglophone….. deuh?

    So basically I'm not a pro, I just speak the language.

  18. Me When I get a hair cut:
    "Just a trim…"

  19. I've been going through your videos and they are truly great. You deserve WAY more subs. Consider me hooked and awaiting more videos

  20. Your videos are awesome! I'm about to binge watch them all, I'll see you on the other side!

  21. This channel is sick man keep it up

  22. She is stunningly cute. Good for you man.

  23. I need a haircut…

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) you got plans?

  24. Look at her reaction as she repeats "Bring me a ruler" – it goes from nervous laughter to quiet anger.

  25. That's the most attractive woman I've ever seen.

  26. Do a how to build a huge wall! That's going to be usefull soon (at least for your neighbours) 😛

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