How to Grow Your Hair Long & Stop Hair Fall- Homemade Hair Growth Remedy

How to Grow Your Hair Long & Stop Hair Fall- Homemade Hair Growth Remedy


This video tutorial is all about getting long hair, healthy hair, smooth and shinny hair with the help of aloe Vera, coconut oil and onion juice.if you have problem of hair loss , baldness, dry hair, dull and damaged hair this is the remedy for you. If you want grow your hair . and if you are worried about hair growth this is a remedy which should be used by you. its a natural remedy which has no side effects . This remedy is homemade which is very easy to make and it is very effective.if you are looking for home remedies for hair you don not have to look any further. Now you can get long hair easily with just using this remedy . This remedy for long hair will grow hair fast. its one of the best hair loss treatment as well . this hair tutorial is natural and 100%safe.
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  1. I just reallly want to know how she got the juice from the onion out like that? If you know…please reply. Thanks a bunch!!

  2. What if we use olive oil instead of coconut oil

  3. trying this right now… hopefully my hair will back

  4. I will try this. I also found it strange that hot water can break off the hair. Hmmm. I will keep that in mind the next time I wash it.

  5. Can we make it once and store this mixture???

  6. I just watched your Neem Oil hair remedy and now this.
    So, can you tell me what the difference is between them?

  7. I will definitely try this I am loossing so much hair ☹

  8. The odour will be awefull

  9. How much time I can store it

  10. Can anyone link links without aloe vera

  11. Thank u so much for english subtitle

  12. How many days can we store it???

  13. How many days the oil preserve?

  14. I think just use the coco nut oil

  15. Can I leave it overnight?

  16. How long can you store this mixture of coconut oil, aloe vera and onion?

  17. Can I use clinic plus coconut oil..? Plzz plzzz plzzz plzzz rplyy
    Can I also add some vitamin E capsules?

  18. How many days we can store it??

  19. This aloevera remedies compared to the neem leaves u posted too which is better?

  20. How many days we store this oil????

  21. How long the oil will stay what its expiry tym

  22. Can it be used for men??

  23. Hey how many days can I store it the onion alovera and oil mixture??

  24. Can any race use this ? (Just asking)

  25. Help me please I did the same as the video and my coconut oil was liquid but after keeping it for 1 hour the oil became solid
    what to do with it ?

  26. For how much time will it be remain safe or usable ??

  27. How long can we store it?

  28. Hello your video is nice but I have a very simple doubt can we wash our hairs with shampoo after applying this

  29. Can i conserve this in spray bottle and spray whenever needed??

  30. This remedy helps regrowth hair?

  31. Can we add aloevera gel instead of aloevera

  32. Can you use aloe from the grocery store or aloe plant?

  33. Onion juice milakr is oil ko kitne din store krr skte h

  34. Can it help natural hair coz i want to try it

  35. isko store kr sktay hain?
    agr yes to kitne time kay liaye yae store kia ja skta ha

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