HOW TO GROW YOUR HAIR OUT | Get Past the Awkward Stage | Men's Hair

HOW TO GROW YOUR HAIR OUT | Get Past the Awkward Stage | Men's Hair


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Longer hairstyles are becoming increasingly popular for men, so, here are some of my top-tips on growing your hair out and getting through the awkward stage.

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  1. Hope you guys are enjoying the frequent uploads! Thanks for the love recently <3

  2. Damn rip, I have to wash my hair every day because I workout…Don't want to smell like ass

  3. Yes there is an awkward stage if you 16

  4. How to have thick hair?? Im only 18 and already suffers from hairfall.

  5. you're like young alpha M

  6. im going to my partners graduation in the worse stage… cant really style it… wish me luck guys

  7. I think I’m at the awkward stage. It looks like I have a bowl cut… help

  8. My hair is past awkward, it’s just plain rebelling against me

  9. My hair is about the same length as his. Only mine is wavy…and thinner.. and flatter 😒 LOL I just slick it back and rock a hat. Works perfectly

  10. quality vid, got my subscribe 💯

  11. super helpful man. appreciate it! 🙌

  12. If This Is Blue Your A OG Luca $ubscriber🤤💝
    👇(You can Be An OG Of Mine Today😍)

  13. What is the name of the hairstyle on the thumbnail?

  14. My head is shaved because of basic so I’m trying to get passed the Q tip look

  15. it kinda helps when you have pretty face

  16. I have really wavy and frizzy hair so it's difficult to find the right style so I find myself wearing hats but even then my hair curls up from the sides…. :/

  17. How are people thinking dry shampoo is better for your hair health? Dry shampoo adds to the problem; you can use it to style your hair but don't be caught into the belief that it is a benefit or it cleanses your hair. How can you get a cleanse when what you spray on doesn't come off until you shampoo? Don't be dumb. The reason you shampoo is actually for your scalp not your hair which means you don't need a lot of shampoo. Stripping oils off hair strands does absolutely nothing, because your hair is already dead, the only living cells, which need to be cleaned once in awhile and not clogged up, is your hair follicles…on your scalp. Simply put, once your hair feels and looks oily, it's time to shampoo could be once or 3 times a week, depending on you. Reason is to remove all the dust, debris, dead cells on your scalp that also get caught up in your hair. Excess oils can lead to irritation as pores/follicles get clogged.

  18. This video was so helpful for me. I have very thick hair and a lot of it. So thanx for sharing and keep up the great work.

  19. So I wanna let my hair grow for the first time and I was wondering how I should cut it. Should I cut it evenly on all sides and top, or should I just let it grow from now on? My hair is longer on top than on the sides. Should I trim the top so I can let it grow evenly on all sides or would it not matter?

  20. I never really knew what the so called akward stage was, I Always laughed about it… But now it reached me, and my best friend became a hat

  21. “how to grow your hair out”

    don’t cut it

  22. if u want longer hair, don't cut it. simple as that

  23. Grows hair out and chooses a barber….Wolll…Good luck keeping your hair bro hahahah

  24. Nice spirit mate! 😀
    Cheers and keep it up!

  25. 1st tip : have perfect hair just like this guy

  26. My question is that I work out everyday and I sweat on my hair is it okay to rinse it with just water to take the sweat out of my hair instead of shampooing it ?

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