How To Laser Hair Removal For Women | My Laser Hair Removal Journey | Eman

How To Laser Hair Removal For Women | My Laser Hair Removal Journey | Eman


Guys, Laser has changed my life! If I could get my whole body lasered, I would lol! I love how it’s super low maintenance. I never have to worry about shaving or waxing anymore. No more red bumps or ingrowns. I’ve always thought laser was painful but it totally isn’t. I hope this video helps you guys out and answers some questions. If you have anything else you want to know, let me know in the comments.

My fave place to go for laser is LASERAWAY.
All pricing is customized for each patient. So best thing to do is to go in for a consultation- which is completely free.
Visit their website at where you can fill out a consultation request or call 888. 965.2737

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  2. Your so pretty and I am
    Getting an laser soon I feel so happy about that I am 20 years old ❤️😘good job Eman !!

  3. CNV 5118 permanent hair removal Laser For women.keep working to get body hair removed,Before you use it,you must use the special gel and the razor can be used anywhere! And you can use once a month , Though it does not give immediately results as waxing or shaving do, it makes hair regrowth less and slower only after just 3 treatments.

  4. I have alot of hair at 20 and I always wanted to try laser hair removal but I'm really scared…
    I wish I could just bring my teddy with me!

  5. Hello, beautiful woman! I'm from China, specializing in electronic beauty care products trade, I hope to know you, but also help us do paid product advertising and video. Thank you! Please reply to : cnvbeauty com

  6. its nothing more disgusting for a man when seeing a woman with body hair
    Sickening ! repulsive !
    at least some woman are real woman and know this fact.
    but the rest.. HOW in the hell they dont see that

  7. It isn't permanent right???

  8. Where is the exact location and price plz for only face leaser ?

  9. How do you maintain your armpits white? don’t see any dark skin. I’ve tried home remedies but does not do justice.

  10. when we do laser hair removal it dont grows hair .it stay premently

  11. How long does it take for the hair to grow again

  12. What kind of laser is this

  13. what is the cost of this treatment..plz tell me

  14. I have thick hair all over my body and i’m only 12

  15. Is it a permanent process to remove all the body hair?

  16. fake h laser treatmnt ye sirf tb tk thik h jb tk sittings lete h monthly or uske baad phir hairs growth ho jati h iska result sirf itna h ki 40to 50 % tk km jrur ho jaati h growth bt permanent nd totaly remove nhi hote hairs .

  17. Underarms laser ki kya cost h

  18. افرافو كلش حلوو

  19. Plz tell me its cost…

  20. sigh she barely has hair and then theres me ..i have two forests under my arms and i have the whole amazon in my vagina

  21. Permanent hair remover… still no hair this far?

  22. For Lastest laser call 03065550251

  23. Does it have any side effects. Please make an another video for bikini line

  24. I though humans in general was being high maintenance fucking hell……god goddesses this is fucked up.

  25. wedding is on July…so I want to know if I should start the hair removal journey now..? & I also want to know if the one year promise on no hair starts from the first session or after I complete all the sessions..? thanks:)

  26. hey Eman…Iam your subscriber from India…I needed to ask that like for the bikini line laser does it hurt much or like it is bearable because i do not shave or wax I aim for laser there so it would be helpful if you could answer me..Thank you

  27. I too wanna do laser on my hair are super thick and the area has become dark due to repetitive shaving. waxing didn't help. please tell me whether these issues will end or not after laser. also, do we have to be very cautious after the laser treatment??i read it on some site.

  28. are there any side effects??

  29. I love laseraway! I had my underarm treated at their SF branch. I know a lot of you are asking of the price, you guys can check groupon, sometimes they offer great deals there! 🙂

  30. After Lazer does hair come ?

  31. after having laser ..the wax is safe or not..or having razor..can I do it

  32. How many times to we have to do laser treatment. once in life or more?
    And after that do hairs grow again?

  33. what's the name of the machine x

  34. after recover back to hair

  35. I just did this and literally does not hurt whatsoever, it's like 1/10 for me. The bikini would be 2/10 🙂

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