How to Make Your Hairstyle Last All Day – Men’s Hair Tutorial | VOLUMIZED

How to Make Your Hairstyle Last All Day – Men’s Hair Tutorial | VOLUMIZED


Hey guys, this is one of my more advanced tutorials discussing products, tips, and techniques to make your hairstyle last for more than 8 hours. Make sure to watch the whole thing because I tackle different hair types, products, and hair issues.
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Sony A7rii
Panasonic GH4
12-35 mm
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  1. only a barber or pro can understand better 😛

  2. Im black.. Why am i watching this..?

  3. I am watching from India

  4. After washing your hair do you use hot or cold for hair drying ?

  5. sir which wax is best to keep hold n too hard strong hairstyle just in 1mins.. plz giv me d best result of wax which can hold my hair straight up n too hard.. strong…

  6. I can't make my hairstyle…so can you please help me out??

  7. 95 people don't have hair on their head!

  8. Hey can u tell me the exact lengths of ur hair from each sections to achieve ur hairstyle…… like from the front length to the middle then back etc …. plz that would be a grt help .

  9. How tffffff did he get his hair like that just by blow drying it

  10. Want all the products name??? ….. Plz

  11. I've been using a good mousse with the right technique but still can't get my hair to stay up. After every 30 min I need to work on in, a bit to hold it in place
    .where am i going wrong any idea?

  12. So sexy hair would love to run my fingers through it so really gorgeous. Love your video.

  13. Awesome vid! What brand/type of brush did you use here? Thanks 🙂

  14. Did he just call his own hair “thin”?

  15. Buddy Can you told me your length of hairs in those time??

  16. what you to do hold your hairstyle everyday?? Do use daily hair products or blow dry??

  17. Is it weird to say my hair is bigger it actually is

  18. Formulating products but going ghost on YouTube… not good

  19. how to be on both sides:
    "your hair is amazing and ridiculous"

  20. my hair is very rough.. not like yours.. its very smooth. cant blow dry

  21. of the best videos on hairstyling I´ve seen…you have changed my life when it comes to hairstyling. Thank you

  22. How to remove double hair means rough hair

  23. نفس شعري بس أسود

  24. how to make chris monroe style


  26. how much products are you using! I m telling you don't use this much it can harm your hair really not lie

  27. which kind of wax u used

  28. I just need the Flipping lenth 😂

  29. Looks like Jimmy Neutron is now a youtuber

  30. how can I remove my baby hair

  31. I pretty much wear my hair like that every day haha x) have to wake up super early

  32. Hair powder sounds great as I have thin Asian hair 😉 when will the powder be available? Can the powder really be used as post Styler meaning replacing clay and the like??

  33. My hair product is wax and its clay

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