How to Prevent Hair loss & Bruises From Iron Deficiency Anemia, Extreme Period Cramps and Bloating

How to Prevent Hair loss & Bruises From Iron Deficiency Anemia, Extreme Period Cramps and Bloating


This topic is one that I’ve never discussed before, but I think it is really needed because this can be one of the reasons why your hair is falling out. Let me know if you have experience this before too. This is why it is important to get your blood checked from time to time.
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Disclaimer: I am working with Clue in this video so it is sponsored. But I will never recommend products that I personally do not use or found that it would be helpful for you guys as well. All opinions are mine.


  1. Holy shitt
    This video sucks.

  2. Women's like to talk lots Yyyy is that.
    U only saying period many times
    I think u loved that word.

  3. Lol u have to start the video plzzz too much talking now.

  4. can i know how can i buy that beautiful dress

  5. I read many great reviews on the internet about how exactly Rozefatrun
    Method (search on google) can help you cures your hair loss and regrow
    it naturally. Has anybody tried using this popular hair loss home

  6. Thanks I didn't know about this and p.s. I have my period right now

  7. Do you have constipation when taking iron? I had really bad constipation thats why i stopped it.

  8. I bought argan rain products after I saw on the internet. When I leave argan rain shampoo on my hair for a few min. as suggested by the instructions, I can feel the tingling sensation.And after a few weeks of use, I can see that my skull has denser follicles.

  9. Argan Life is the ultimate indulgent hair experience.

  10. I feel so bad i used to look like "Rapunzel" because my hair was blonde and long and now is falling and thick what you recomend me to do ? T_T

  11. Take organic black strap molasses for iron

  12. Maxelder hair loss shampoo and Pure argan oil ( Take a look w…nyarganoil….c ) is working great for me My problem is I have a lot of hair loss and practically have to clean the shower after each use. After using this for about 3 weeks I see a lot less hair loss and my hair is thicker It smells really good and my hair is softer and easy to brush through. After applying let sit on your hair for 20-30 minutes before rinsing out.

  13. Can you make a video about getting rid of frizzy,dry hair , your videos helped me , thanks ❤️

  14. I've been using argan life products for about three months. I noticed that hair loss has stopped and hair regrowth has occured. If nothing else this product feels good and leaves your hair feeling clean – not oily or rough.

  15. thank you for this video and i love clue i find when my pms is starting and when my pirod is due 🙂

  16. Some individuals blame their genes as the main reason of early hair loss. In my case, it's my weird disorder that paved the way for my hair to leave my head at a very young age. I have this habitual condition called hair-pulling disorder, guess the name says it all. My habit made my hair roots lose its grip in my head. However, with some therapy and this argan life shampoo, I was able to get my thick hair strands back to its perfect state. My hair is doing great now. thanks to this wonderful shampoo!

  17. I've been using argan life products for about three months. I noticed that hair loss has stopped and hair regrowth has occured. If nothing else this product feels good and leaves your hair feeling clean – not oily or rough.

  18. oh.. my hair falls alot. It started falling alot like at the start of this year. I thought it would stop but it didn't… i might be anemic so i should go for a blood test..

  19. what kind of iron you take? many mg?..Thanks so much

  20. your hair is just amazing…. you are my hair inspiration girl… love you so much… when I watch your videos I inspire and say I have to long my hair like that.

  21. Whoa everything you said applied to me…im anemic and have extreme cramp due to mild scoliosis and my doctor encouraged me to do exercise well more like yoga…anyways this video was very helpful…Thank You!

  22. Hey please suggest what multivitamins do you use in case if you do… Thanks 💞

  23. I suffer from anemia too. I didn't know it can cause hair loss. omg.this explained so much

  24. Good video. This past year both mine and my son hair fell out this summer. We thought it was stress related. I finally went to the dr and was told I needed iron. I am now taking small dosages of iron cause once I took high dosage of iron and it gave me nose bleeds. This time I am taking small dosages. The dr told me it may take me a year to see a major improvement in my hair alone.

  25. This is Awesome information that i didnt know about, and i will try the clue app. also what i can encourage girls to do to prevent terrible cramps, at least for me its helped me for the past years, and in the few time i havent done this, i literally would almost die of pain, plus I Dont drink any pain relievers, beacause i cant it wont help unless i drink High doses of it. So tip: 1 week before your period or at least 5 days before, try only drinking warm stuff, NoMore cold drinks nor cold shakes, just indulge yourself in drinking warm soups, teas etc warm everything, i know it sounds insane BUT it's helped me so Much, also try to stay away from cold areas such as the grocery store or at least when you have to go, use a sweater:) and stay warm, and see how your lady days go, plus in your days if you're still in pain, use something warm and put it on your tummh around the uterus area. anyways sorry about the super long message. i hope it helps someone:)

  26. Omg your healthy tips make me better! I just watched a video where a guy was puking you can see everything😦 And it was gross! And i feel better thank you ☺

  27. Omg I never knew Anemia took part in hair loss! I have anemia and I get awful cramps and extreme hair loss

  28. I also have the same back problem. I use to have sessions with a chiropractor every week to two weeks, but since we have moved and we have not found any good chiropractic care in my state. I did notice a difference in my periods when I had the care for it! I'm minorly anemic as well. I take iron suplements, but I still have some of breakage and hair loss. more so in the past 3 to 6 months. It's like when I turned 16 my skin and hair went crazy! My hair is to my booty, and I want it to grow past, but it's kind of at a stunt in its growth. I have been doing all I can for my skin and hair on a budget, and I'm still having complications. Any suggestions?

  29. nice job unnie that was really helpfel thanks to you i know why i have these backheacks every periode !!! thank you unnie ^^

  30. I honestly think that if you cut your hair to chest length, I think it would literally grow back within a couple of months!!!

  31. I always saw videos about periods hoping someone would talk about dysmenorrhea and no one has any advice on it really. Magnesium oil and cramp bark tincture helps ease it for me, but what you said about the spine makes so much sense! Thank you so much for making this!

  32. can you spec Arabic ? l'm from Egypt …. and there something I didn't understand:) … and I looove your videos … thank you

  33. Tysm for making this video! I've lost tons of hair due to iron deficiency anaemia and i really want it to grow back. Can you also try to make a video separately on how to overcome iron deficiency? Ty once again ^.^

  34. wowhh! u killed it! tysm for tips

  35. hey I need advise don't know if you can help but my periods haven't come and no I'm not pregnant or anything but is there any thing that perhaps can make them come..please.

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