How to Regrow Thinning Hair – Hair Loss Cure

How to Regrow Thinning Hair – Hair Loss Cure

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Hair loss cure. Are your hairs thinning fast? Try these solutions suggested in our tutorial for how to regrow thinning hair.

Thinning hair can be a great source of insecurity. Thick, luxurious hair is typified as a sign of youth and sexual attractiveness, and it can be alarming when your hair falls out at a faster pace than it grows in. Here’s how to regrow thinning hair. Waysandhow.


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  1. I am currently 14 years old, and my hair is thinning so much,, to the point where my scalp can be seen under lighting obviously. I noticed my hair starting to thin when I was 13. I am so envious of all my friends hair. I don't like eating eggs, and that's probably why my thinning is worse. I am currently trying to consume more eggs. I used to have a normal amount of hair, but now it's just thinning. I dont even know if protein filled shampoo is helping either way. I heard that thinning is a thing when you're going through puberty, but I don't think it is till this extent..

  2. I heard that getting less sleep can also cause hair thinning.

  3. Lol guys don’t worry about fat in your diet at all. Focus on sugar

  4. This told me absolutely nothing concrete whatsoever

  5. I am 14 yrs old and from the past 4 years (right when attained puberty)…I don't know hair started thinning like anything and I had really..a thick and long hair before that my relatives used to tell about 😥😥😥 friends really have nice hair even if they don't take care much to their hair!!

  6. Is Rozefatrun Method helpful to cures your balding hair and regrow it safely? I've read many good stuff about this hair loss home remedy.

  7. My hair is not thin yet but its getting there😣

  8. i hv super silky and shiny gorgeos hairs but…it is about 6 months my hairs falling soo much i am very tensed

  9. Once your hair starts falling you can do nothing for it … Accept this and live your life !

  10. I want to have thinner hair.

  11. I'm a child and my hair is thinning so much and I don't know why for no reason 🙁 and I'm just a kid….

  12. My hair is still thick its just my hairline

  13. When I was like 8 and under my hair was pretty , and now I have little hair and it’s really thin, and my friends always like, damn ur hair is so thin, and I laugh it off, but it hurts , when I was little I still had thin hair but it was still pretty because I had a good amount of hair , now I don’t and I want to regrow my hair fast, help me someone ! By fast I mean like from October to like December or January

  14. I lose less than 20 hairs a day and still my hair is thinning 😥

  15. im 12 and with my hair it ooks like i got out of kemo therapy 1 month ago its so thin and i have so little of it

  16. im 16 and I'm suffering from baldness in head , how to get rid of it

  17. I'm not balding. But my hair is so thin. Like my sides and back where even old men dont bald is really thin. My doctor said I am anemic and deficient in alot of things. But no offense but how come drug addicts with terrible diets have thick hair. I guess Ill try supplements…..

  18. All I wish is to have thick hair:( but o have to deal with very thin fragile hair and it's hard because it makes me sad every time I brush it or try to style it!:((

  19. good good good video!!!

  20. can we massage the scalp without oil

  21. I wash my hair once a week 😂

  22. For hair that's thinning and falling out what worked for me was juicing spinach with carrots and kale cucumber aloe Vera etc juicing is good for your inner body and Health

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