How to ReGrow your Hairline Naturally: After Bad line up/Haircut!

How to ReGrow your Hairline Naturally: After Bad line up/Haircut!


How to Regrow your Hair Line Naturally for men After a Bad line up or Haircut. Prevent receding hairline with this easy method. My line up was bad and my edge up was not straight because I received a bad line up that pushed one side back. Here I show you guys what I did to get the pushed back side to grow back naturally and I give tips on how you can do the same thing. – How to keep your line up fresh after a haircut:

– How to Brush 360 Waves with a 3WP Brush:

– (NEW!) 360 Waves Daily Process Method:

if you’re having this same issue or if you just want to prevent your hair line from being receded after a horrible haircut or line up.

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– How to get better 360 waves:

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  1. In the same predicament man. Barber pushed my topright so far you can see my huge vein where the hairline is supposed to be. It's been 2 weeks and there's barely any baby hairs there. Gonna update by the end of this summer

  2. Shit I'm just thinking about cutting all my hair off an regrow my hairline

  3. Man dude thanks I’ve been fucking my lining up

  4. My hairline is pushed back so far that you could hike on it any tips?

  5. My hairline is naturally pushed back because my Dad’s hairline is pushed back and kind of crooked. My line has always been pretty uneven and off. (My genetics really suck). My hairline is not receding. I keep trying to grow it out but the sides where the lining is off are not growing in as much. I haven’t cut my hair in a while, and I recently went to the barber and I didn’t get a lineup.

    What do I Do??

  6. Thanks dude
    We appreciate the help!

  7. This video saved my life. I had a bad cut a couple weeks ago. Bul had my line looking like a horseshoe. Fast forward 1 month, I went to a barber that's pretty good and had him fade me without lining me up. It came out clean and my line is growing back close to where I want it. It should be straight in another 2 or 3 weeks.

  8. Yooo. What's crazy is non cutting niggaz get attitudes be wit u when u try to ask them not to do certain shit. I'm lump the next nigga tho. Fuck that.

  9. I know this old but his underbite is KILLING ME!

  10. Bro my barber is doing the same thing and it’s pissing me off. Idk how to tell him to chill tf out. The cut is fresh he blends the fade well but he keeps pushing my sides back. There’s another barber in the same shop that looks like he takes his time with it and Idk how to switch to him without it being weird lmao

  11. We get so obsessed with hairlines we see on tv and don't realize some barbers "spraypaint the hairlines to keep them crisp. You made me realize our natural hairlines will never grow perfectly even and to work with it. Reality check. Thanks.

  12. Y’all know how long the top right and left side of your hairline grows back 🤦‍♂️

  13. 😶wait a minute. Tape line is cricket

  14. Barbers are lazy these days

  15. My hairline is straight why am I watching this?

  16. I’m in the worst area in my life right now. Looking at my pictures up until i was 4, my hairline was like any typical black nigga. But when I was 5, my dad started to do it by himself to save money. Till I was about 12 I started to realize my dad fucked my shit up and made me a 5 head. And now i think it’s permanent cause now it can’t come back forward. Shit lowers down my confidence and annoying as hell. I went to a barber shop for the first time in years and he fucked my shit up but brought it back at the same time. Now I’m a 4 head and bout to get my shit straight again and not pushed back

  17. Looks like Kyrie Irving lol

  18. I got the same problem. The nigga cut off the baby hair. I just hope the shit grow back man. You got any tips for growth?

  19. barber was pushing me back for months deadass, it’s been like 3-4 months it’s still recovering

  20. I love your attitude man🙌🏼

  21. No excuse to fuck up my edge up my hairline is perfect just don’t push it up and he fucked up I gotta find someone new

  22. Bro. You dont even have a bad hairline. Id give anything to have mine like yours. Good video tho

  23. I got my hairline pushed back td Nd it’s the worst feelin all I did was stare in the mirror hoping it will grow back

  24. I was looking at photos of my self last year and my hairline looked WAY better. I'm %100 sure that my barber pushed me back.

    I'm going to give it 3 months using organic oils to promote strong follicles… then find a better barber!

  25. I put black on mine with a tooth brush use a little bit of it and brush it in

  26. Yo if ur reading this I recently got a cut by a barber that messed up my hairline can my shit like get back to its old ways and I have a 1 and normally get a cut once a mounth

  27. The problem with us dudes that always wanna look fresh is the patience…. I cut hair.. and cut my own hair so I cut my hair every 4 … 5 days…. sometimes i have to reset everything and let it go for a couple weeks….. its just how it goes… from facial hair to hairline…. hair grows in … in 2 days …. trust me i know


  29. I’m not even a dude what am i doing here

  30. This is your best video ever.. idk how many times I got pushed back so that my hair could look crispy… this helped me a lot . Salute

  31. If you’re gonna go to a new spot instead of your usual barber, don’t get a line up!!! Just get the fade or lil level 2 etc. Just whatever you usually get at your normal spot 💯 Not worth risking it! Can go a a couple weeks without a crispy line up but if a new barber mess your ish up that’s gonna take a good 2-3 months to grow back & you gonna be looking wild with your pushed back wonky hairline lol

  32. When i was 16 my barber wasnt there so i told a new guy id give him a shot.he had my shit looking like a staircase.never again

  33. Yo one thing I noticed that's helping me because my hairline is thin and in the front and I had a circle in the back of my head and one thing I noticed thats helping me is everytime I sweat whether its the gym etc. Or sleeping I wash my scalp with this plant based shampoo that has stinging nettle and b vitamins and zinc which are all said to be good for hair.. I see baby hairs poppinf back up and gradually getting darker

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