How to STOP Hair Fall? | A Lazy Girl’s Guide.

How to STOP Hair Fall? | A Lazy Girl’s Guide.


घर पे बालों का झड़ना कैसे रोकें a.k.a How To Prevent Hair Loss at Home. We all suffer from the problem of hair fall at some point in our lives. It can either be due to excessive heat or lack of nutrition or hair products that are full of chemicals.

So today we are going to find out what are the 9 things that we need to take care of, to ensure that we maintain healthy hair and to prevent hair loss.

These tips are especially for people who have less time to maintain their hair and want an inexpensive at-home solution.


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    I love your videos and I only started watching today. I love the way you speak but I don't understand the language that you use in between so please speak in full English or have subtitles.
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