How to Stop Hair fall and grow hair faster – Tamil Beauty Tips

How to Stop Hair fall and grow hair faster – Tamil Beauty Tips


How to Stop Hair fall and grow hair faster – Tamil Beauty Tips

Here’s how to stop hair fall and home remedies to control hair loss. Try these home remedies and say goodbye to hair loss. Frustrated with your hair loss? Check out these best natural home remedies for hair growth in less time. These hair treatments at home work amazingly.

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  1. Coconut oil use panna mudi valaraathaa

  2. Shampoo use pannalama sis idha wash pandradhuku?

  3. can we use it and bath using shampoo?

  4. Itha use pannunathuku apro shampoo use pannalama??

  5. Small onion use pannalama sis…….

  6. Onion juice use pannietu shampoo potu wash panalama ah

  7. nice tips appadiye udal edai athikarikka sollunga please nan romba olliya erukkean

  8. thick ka hair growth aagurathuku tips

  9. Shall I add neem leaves with this

  10. onion with garlic use pannalama same time

  11. it's very useful to me.thank u for your nice tips.

  12. Etha evvalo days follow pannanum mam then hair wash pannum pothu verum water ra la pannanum ah shampoo use pannala ma evvalo days result therium plz mam reply pannuga plzzzzzs

  13. thanks sure aha onion juice hair fall control pannuma
    mild shampoo use pannalama please reply

  14. பொடுகை போக்குமா.?..

  15. சீயக்காய் போட்டுத்தான் குளிக்கனுமா. வெறும் நீரால் அலசினால் போதாதா.

  16. after applying oil can I use it ? does it works???

  17. got more hair fall .last one month I use this onion juice but somebody told add vitamin e capsule.

  18. plz reply … after using onion juice evrydy ,,have to take headbath uh? or rlse i may let t dry?

  19. hi thalaiku daily kulikalama kulicha hair fall aguma…

  20. onion use pannitu oil use pannalama

  21. dandruff iruntha onion use pannalama

  22. Chinna vengayam weekly ones use panna nethi side la hair growth aaguma

  23. chinna vengayama periya vengayama…

  24. எந்த வெங்காயம்? சின்னதா அல்லது பெரரிசா?

  25. After allowing it for 30m can I use seegarkai for my hair wash??

  26. intha tips ah naa weekly 4times use pantren. oru santhegam. itha use pannitu kulikum pothu shampoo use pantrata illa siyakkaai use pannanuma. pls reply me…

  27. இத use pannumbodu shampoo இடையில் பயன்படுத்தலாமா? plz clear the doubt

  28. evryday use pannuran but appovum koduthu …onion simal poka enna pannanum friend ples talk

  29. hi mam… shall I use two teaspoon of hair oil with this onion juice and apply to my hair

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