How to Stop Hair Fall | Hair Loss Tips in Telugu | Juttu Raladam | Dr.K.Sindhura | Doctors Tv Telugu

How to Stop Hair Fall | Hair Loss Tips in Telugu | Juttu Raladam | Dr.K.Sindhura | Doctors Tv Telugu


Watch►How to Stop Hair Fall | Hair Loss Tips in Telugu | Juttu Raladam | Dr.K.Sindhura | Doctors Tv Telugu.


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  1. Dr. Sindhura Kambhampati
    Phone – 040 33623500
    CARE Hospitals

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  2. Madam na age 23 female unmarried naku nidra lo bed wetting avtundi naaku teliyakundaney asalu problem yenti madam plz rly me how to stop that asalu marriage cheskovalantey kuda bayanga undi
    So plz suggest me

  3. hai mam once scalp nunchi hair loss avthy again regrowth anttu vundha vundadha…..plzzz tell me mam

  4. mem me hospital ekada mem…?

  5. Dr.swapna kunduru
    If any body have hair fall and skin and cosmetic problems
    Please visit

  6. Madam daily havy hair foll authundi

  7. Doctor I like ur voice & the way of talking .
    Ur information was good .

  8. juttu vudina chota malli vasthundha. andhukena juttu tvaraga batta thala avvadhu

  9. Madam Minoxidil, PRP and all are nonsense. Don't give temporary solutions, or side effect solutions please. First find out cause of hair loss and advice treatment. In most cases patients waste lots of money and hair before they find out exact reason. Do blood test first. Make sure scalp is clean at all times and provide what hair needs both by consuming and applying topically as per blood test. Two people hair problem may not be the same. Whoever reading this comment, if you have hair problem don't go to doctor who simply write Minoxidil, prp, finesteride, sort of medication on prescription straight away. Go to good dermatologist who actually study ur case from blood test, stress levels, vitamin deficiency, other medication's side effects, family hereditary into consideration before suggesting you the medicine. Hair is like a plant. It needs everything that needs to grow healthy and strong.

  10. Ladies kena hair ante istam?

  11. Ma'am andhra lo me branches levaa..naku Chala hairfall undi and regrowth avatledu ma'am..plz rply

  12. medam naku alopecia areta vachndee plz give a suggestion

  13. Madam naku chala hair fall avutundhi anni seasons lo m cheyyali which shampoo is best for anti hair falling plzz tell me

  14. Na juttuki oodu ani cheppina, ooda ledu kaani mottam oodchesindi

  15. Mam Nen Vere video lo chusanu, 30-40k pay chesthe 5 months Lo hair vachesidhi Anta on batathala Midha with 5 injections on head… No side effects vundadu Anta so Wat u will say….. U r also doctor right… So dhinimem namocha

  16. pls tell me best shampoo, facewash,soap ,face cream to be used

  17. Anni treatments ah okko daniki min sitting ki 1000 alanti I sittings min 50 cheptaru ….Anni unnayga Mari mi hair endhuku antha shirt undhi ….udedhi ududdi vachedhi vastadhi ……hair ki daily min oil alloy chesthey max hair undadhu weekly twice shampoo padhulu herbal kunkudikaya vadithe hair fall taguddhi vurabusukokunda Jada vesukunte udadhu Nd main " genetical' GA mana pedda vallaki baldness untey manaki pakka vastadhi manam hair plantation cheyinchukundha unte …it's all natural mainly……genes …..

  18. Daily I am getting hair to over come that problem & regrowth of hair…. currently I am using mintop 5 ml hair Oli,but no use…pls suggest how to over come this problem..

  19. Doctor's hair kanna anchor ke hair bagundi. Haha

  20. Mam PRP trement one time or seatings unnaya

  21. Vangabadu ,denikaina okate answer cheptav ?

  22. Madam daily hair fall autundi so how to control

  23. Hii mi hospital Tirupati lo undha madha

  24. My hairfall since 2 year how to stop hairfall& how to regrowrh hair were is your clinic

  25. Mam bengaluru lo mee office unda

  26. naku long heair undedi ippudu chela ralipothuundi naku emmaina chepagalara plz

  27. Silky hair kosam m cheyali chepandi

  28. Mam emana tablet unnaya antha cast

  29. Vitamin E tablets vasukuta hair loss thaguthada madam naku hair loss avuthudi madam

  30. Mam ma papaki 16 years and hair loss chala undi emichaili

  31. Nak all time ralthune untundi

  32. I am suffering from hair loss &dandruff how to stop it

  33. Mam naku hair fall ayindhi ninu sachipothuna please solution chipandi

  34. plz Medam address phone number

  35. My hair is becoming thin day by day…will u help in this to grow dense

  36. I watched your videos so many times not for care suggestions, but I like base in your voice and neat & good explanation…

  37. nenu mentop 10/ oil vaduthuna edhi K na plz reply

  38. daughter hair fast list cell number 77 99 34 8 8 17

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