How To Stop Hair Loss and Treat Dandruff At Home Treatment and make hair grow long really fast

How To Stop Hair Loss and Treat Dandruff At Home Treatment and make hair grow long really fast


Here is a wonderful home made hair mask that can treat dandruff and prevent hair fall to help grow long, thick, healthy hair.

For more information on the benefits of fenugreek, yogurt and curry leaves and FAQ’s, check out:

How to grow long hair.

Your hair will not grow if you have dandruff, so fight dandruff using this DIY homemade hair mask. Since it is a wonderful home remedy for dandruff.
P.s: dandruff also causes pimples

This hair mask is also wonderful to completely stop hair loss for thinning hair.

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  1. OMG it is awesome.. Reduce my 70% hairfall with first use.. I steamed my hair after applying this masks

  2. After wash can we use shampoo

  3. Can i use anything else than curry leaves?
    and should i apply conditioner after washing?

  4. Wash it off with only water…or we can use our regular shampoo ??

  5. As specialist, I do think Rozefatrun Method is good way to cures your hair loss and regrow it naturally. Why don't you give it a shot? perhaps it can work for you too.

  6. Anybody tried the Rozefatrun Method (just search it on google)? We've heard numerous awesome things about this popular hair loss home remedy.

  7. Is the liquid water?? How often should you do this?

  8. very helpful video …thanks for sharing

  9. it works and make ur hair shinier and voluminous . but removing the paste from hair is h tuff task 😜 but once ur hair get dry it will remove easily.

  10. omg this works miracles..loved it..

  11. Heey, i wanted to know how do you get rid of the fenugreek seeds smell ? (CAUSE IT DOESN'T SMELL GOOD AT ALL AND IT'S NEVER GOING..)

  12. should i wash it with shampoo or normal water wash? plz ans asap coz i have applied it n i don know how to wash it

  13. anyone tried this and why abt result? plz rly

  14. I've got oily scalp and hair loss. Now, I'm using argan life Hair Loss Shampoo… My shedding has stopped and regrow the lost hair. It works wonders, and I constantly get complimented on how shiny and healthy my hair looks.

  15. Can I use this once a week for seborrheic dermatitis, or would my skin become used to it doing it that often?

  16. hi i have the problem of hair fall and my hair is fully dry n dull n
    frezzy can u pls suggest me wat i can do to control hair fall as well
    as hair growth? and pls tel me can i apply coconut oil before applying this paste or not and can u pls say me after taking hair bath can i apply coconut oil or not pls help …….
    im waiting……

  17. wen should we use shampoo? next day?

  18. can we use shampoo after this

  19. I've been experiencing some hair loss due to a new medication and I came across super hair food anti hair loss product. I love it that my hair is thicker and easy to style. Obviously this is an effective product as well as a high quality shampoo

  20. can I add some honey to it

  21. can I add some honey to it

  22. can I add some honey to it

  23. can I add some honey to it

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