How to Stop Hair Loss & Split Ends

How to Stop Hair Loss & Split Ends


Don’t let those glamerous hair commercials fool you! If you keep doing all the wrong things on daily basis, you’ll never get the full, luminous hair look despite using the best products.


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  3. Maybe I need to comb my hair more than once a day, because my hair tangles up really fast

  4. Thank you to make video in english. 😀 #frenchfan

  5. My husband wears caps a lot and he has a bunch of hair thick and black. So I don't believe that myth about hats

  6. hey thanks u friend this is so useful for me … hair is better than the past hair thank u … and yes ur baby is so cuteeeee….^_^

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  14. 姐姐 你视频都很棒 关注你有一段时间了 能不能问问你 如果有grey hair 的怎么办?遗传的,所以很多,但是每三个月去染一次感觉真的很伤身体。。求问

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  18. Hi Jessie, thanks for all the tips and exercise guide. They have been very helpful. Recently I purchased One a day multivitamin and had it for a week. My acne appear a bit viral on face and body. I think it is not for my body. My skin just got clear a bit and I hate acne too much to take multivitamin again.


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  21. hey ,thanks for your video ^^ and your baby is so cute :3 .. I still have a question, are 2 in 1 baby shampoos also dangerous?
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  24. Hi.. i love all ur video very much.. please dont stop exercise with me video.. i learn so many thing with u.. and my goal want to get in the shape,slim n healthy body..ive been workout in the wrong way.. thnks to you.. n is dancing can growing muscle? Is it help for sliming down.. oh yeah i have fat belly.. my balance weigh would be 48-53.. now i gain almost 60 ..😢

  25. hiiiiii! i love all your vids and started following your routines for couples of days now and i am feeling really good about myself! anywayss goood job!!! please do more vidssss <3 xx

  26. Hiii , this video was very helpful 😊 thank you. But I have a some questions :
    1. Is you breast naturally big ?
    2. Do you have tips to let them naturally grow?

    Thank you again and your child is sooo cute and beautiful 😙

  27. There are some solutions that can be taken to minimize hair loss and start regrowing hair naturally without expensive treatments. Natural, homemade remedies work well for people who take action early. I found a natural cure  as argan life which does not contain any chemicals like sulphate, alcohol, salt and dye. It works pretty well for my hair. Also, you can find this products on eBay.

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  30. your daughter is super adorable ^_^
    thank you for all the tips as well as sharing affordable items!

    please share the brand of exercise bra and shorts you are using in your other videos (love your blue bra + blue/black shorts!). i watched your bra video and would like to know if you have any tips for choosing exercise bras! thank you.

  31. I highly recommend  argan rain natural shampoo  as part of any hair growth/hair thinning treatment. I've noticed substantial hair thickening/growth in only 2 weeks. Be patient and stick with it over the long haul!

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  33. Did you recently change your youtube name?  I could have swore when I subbed to you was another name..

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