How to Style a Growing Out Men’s Haircut – TheSalonGuy

How to Style a Growing Out Men’s Haircut – TheSalonGuy


In this video I demonstrate how to blow dry and style a men’s haircut that is growing out.
I used Scheme Cream to Pre Style then Claymation to finish.
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  1. Awesome Videos! I would like to have had a hairdresser like you here in austria!

  2. He acted like this dude had long hair

  3. I think this video was great; you really made his hairstyle great

  4. anyway you can show a video about hair a little but longer than that? mine is almost past my eyes and halfway over my ear. I don't want the shaved sides and long top. want my hair to go long but idk how to style it. thanks

  5. If you don't have any other hair styles planned ahead for your uploading schedule could you maybe try and do a hair tutorial for Freddie Highmore who plays Norman Bates on Bates Motel? If ya could that would be great! Thx

  6. can you just show us how you cut your hair ive been dying to know what product youve been using in it

  7. Could you do Stephen bear ex on the beach star

  8. can you plz do a Javier aquino 2016 hair cut it would mean alot 🙂

  9. Hey, Steven! Can you try to do Zayn malik wrong Gq photoshoot hair style, thanks! Love from Italy!

  10. a video on Fringe up hairstyle and pushed back hairstyle!

  11. hey can you please do a john mayer haircut tutorial?

  12. pls do Kate Beckinsale's haircut and colour from underworld blood wars

  13. very helpful!! thx man!

  14. Do John Sykes' haircut. Please!

  15. I have a bald line around the left of the middle of my hair I don't like it because I'm active and when I run my hair separates Into 2 sides

  16. Do alex wassabi new hairstyle december

  17. You should do Billie Joe Armstrongs haircut around Dookie era

  18. This is an awful and ridiculous hair for that guy. Looks messy, unfinished, dirty and not even close to profesional styling.

  19. wait can i use all those promo's on the same order of $30 and get all the products and kits? or is it just 1 promo for 1 order?

  20. Plz do Stephen Amell hairstyle, asap!!

  21. make a tutorial of tanner fox hair

  22. hey dude can u do alex aiono hair thanks!

  23. Manu rios hairstyle please!

  24. Is Scheme cream the only hanz de Fuko product that has heat protectant?

  25. Can someone link me to his original hairstyle video? Thanks 😀


  27. Can you do another one of these but with someone with thicker and waiver/curlier hair because it's a very different process

  28. Hey Salon Guy I am doing my absolute best to grow my hair out as fast as I can. I'm trying to go for the older style Bieber hairstyle kind of the beach wind swept flipped hair you did a tutorial on it but anyways I have been taking Biotin & using Mane & tail shampoo & conditioner to help it grow longer faster & healthier but my question is do you have anymore tips to help with good hair growth & does wearing a hat effect my hair growth??? Thank you in advance!!!

  29. I think you should do a tutorial of Andrew Garfield/Desmond Doss'shair from Hacksaw Ridge. It looks really trendy and the wave he has makes look unique.

  30. can you make Dan Smith updated haircut video?

  31. Perfect timing mate! I just reached the awkward stage where I dont know what to do with my hair so this helps a lot:D Great video ^^

  32. Can you recommend a strong hair blow dryer with a thin nozzle attachement…something affordable for a college kid? BTW, I love your videos!

  33. Thanks this is great for me because I've been growing it all out . Starting at a buzz cut and now it's similar to what Joey had in this video.

  34. nice video.Can you do the new sergio aguero haircut?

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