How to Style Brad Pitt’s Fury / G-Easy Men’s Haircut | Eric Bandholz

How to Style Brad Pitt’s Fury / G-Easy Men’s Haircut | Eric Bandholz


Take care of yourself:

This week I show one of the ways that I style my new hair cut which has been modeled after Brad Pitt’s haircut in the movie Fury. It starts with getting the right products and tools. I’m using Super Goo from Kevin Murphy and combining it with Hanz de Fuko’s Quicksand product.

First I apply the Super Goo while my hair is wet, being sure to apply it throughout the entire hair. From there I’ll blow dry my hair in the direction I want it to be when completed. Once my hair is dry or almost 100% dry I will add the Quicksand.

The Super Goo alone doesn’t give me enough hold and I’ve found that mixing the two products together gives a nice balance of shine and matte texture. After applying the Quicksand I will use my comb in an alternating fashion to give it cool dimension and volume that I wouldn’t get with just going straight back.

That’s it. Fun hairstyle and I hope you enjoyed. Please thumbs up and share if you enjoyed it!


  1. Can you do a tutorial on your pubs?

  2. if short hair can or not ? but wait i love your videos

  3. Love. you and your hair!

  4. Why am i here? I'm bald

  5. Know any cheaper alternatives to these hair products? Love the videos.

  6. Dude i fucking love your videos, i fade my own hair but never use scissors ✂️ tried that tapering shit and bam came out legit cant wait to grow it longer. Thanks a lot.

  7. what about curly/wavy hair? I thought I tried this today and my hair became somewhat wavy near the end of the day.

  8. Openly gives a review of products
    Tells us what the hair should look like
    AND addresses issues of overtime and gives a solution to it.

    Subscribed ✔️

  9. Do you classify yourself as a hippie or a hipster? Just curious because you fit the description of both 🙂

  10. Looks great!, this is exactly the hairstyle (and beard) im trying to achieve for next summer, hope you still rocking this haircut man. Beard on!

  11. And eventually you can get your samurai knot again when its long enough

  12. Gay people love brad Pitt beard and hair

  13. I am 17 and I have a really thin mustache and am starting to grow a little bit of chin hair. it just kinda sucks. you guys have any tips?

  14. I'll get you some of my products man.

  15. Great video man! Keep it up!

  16. if i was to go into a barber shop how would i ask for this kind of cut?

  17. Hey how long is your top hair?

  18. I had this cut for a while, I kinda miss it now.

  19. I'm not homophobe or anything, just curious, are you gay?

  20. Interested in cutting my hair to similar shape. Did you get a disconnect or blend? Also what blade did you get on the side? Cheers

  21. Beard like that on a skinny guy doesn't look right

  22. Could you do a video of bodhi's haircut (point brek 2015)

  23. I love it how you avoided waving your head after the final combing!
    My hair's like yours, only it's not the whole top of the head, more like in a mohawk cut, and it's overal almost as long as your front hair. I just keep it in place with either a ponytail or a french braid, or cap since winter is coming.

  24. Thanks for tutorial, man. Will cut like that next days. Are you already missing long hair? I had long hair until last year, then cut as society is not so open for it and looking for job and so on plus high maintenance. I missed making ponytail pff. I think you look better with this habitat! Thanks again and dont stop making this cool videos 🙂

  25. dude u look like Opie from sons of anarchy hahah sick doo tho bro

  26. You couldn't be more unlikable

  27. +Beardbrand Can you do a review on suavecito pomade ?

  28. May want to try Claymation by Hanz de Fuko. Might try that Night Rider tho! Cool vid

  29. Nice Trim on that beard

  30. Thank you, this is going to help me a ton. I have the same cut but mine is only go the tip of my upper lip. Keep up the great work.

  31. Another reason why I wish I had white guy hair goes and cries in a corner

  32. you have some really fine hair

  33. i am a sikh guy with very long hairs and wants to cut hair like this with quite highness. but i really do not know how i will look after the hair cut. can you please Help. ???????

  34. what do you get Wen you go get a hair cut?

  35. I want you to know how many great advices I've been learning in this quick and simple videos from yours that apply for every kind of people because you talk about many interesting topics that are related with lifestyle and different details that we all deal with day by day! And that's awesome!! Keep on going strong and beard on!!

  36. Always after blowdrying my hair into the style I want, my hair looks how I would like to with nice volume. But I also need to use some product with a nice high hold, to make sure it stays. But after I applied the wax or pomade the style I blown into it has gone. How could I prevent that? I have tried to use less product, but then the hold is too low

  37. Was not a Fan of that QuickSand Stuff lol

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