How to Tame Frizz . My Hair Care & Style Routine.

How to Tame Frizz . My Hair Care & Style Routine.


It may have taken me 28 years to figure out how to get rid of frizz. But that is why I am so excited to partner up with Pantene to share with you my go-to tips, tricks and products to banish frizz for good !!!

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  1. Awesome video! Thanks for sharing these products with us!

  2. Great video! Frizzy hair is so annoying!

  3. You are so nice! Wishing you FULL and speedy recovery!!

  4. Thanks for sharing your tips!

  5. What kind of hair dryer is this?

  6. oooh I've got to try these. my hair is like yours, oily roots, medium thickness. my ends aren't to bad, but because they are twisted up into a half bun all day every day they do get a little dry. i can't use moisturizing shampoos and conditioners cause they make the oilyness even worse, and I'm not paying tons of money for a hair mask lol. i just tried tonight for the first time the Avocado and Shea Butter hair mask from the Garnier Whole blends line. I've truer a few different masks/deep conditioners from the drug store and even the $30 macadam nut one that everyone raves about, and I honest felt no difference using any of them. but this one I'm very impressed with so far. i put it mostly on my ends and then just a bit through the length after shampooing and when I rinsed my hair felt SO soft. when I brushed my hair out it felt like I had a hair serum already in it but I didn't out anything else in my hair because I wanted to see how this new mask felt and worked. my hair is still wet (I just air dry since my hair goes up every day lol) but the ends feels pretty soft still for having nothing extra in it.

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