I Cut my Hair! Daniel Alfonso Men’s Haircut Tutorial

I Cut my Hair! Daniel Alfonso Men’s Haircut Tutorial


Sometimes, you just get the urge to switch up your hairstyle a bit and cut your own hair! This past Memorial Day weekend, I had such an urge…my hair was getting kind of long on the sides and back, so I busted out the clippers and started off with a 3 guard, then switched to a 2.

I definitely don’t recommend trying this yourself, I have 15+ years experience as a men’s hairstylist and I usually don’t even cut my own hair! Finding a great men’s hairstylist you are comfortable with is key to amazing hair cuts and hairstyles.

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  1. I wouldn’t ever try this myself.

  2. Where's the tutorial huh??? wtf is that???. "Sometimes, we get tired of being ourselves, we always want chhhhange"…hahaha, and the next comes like – "don't try this at home, for professesional use only" – is it a gay vid or what? cause I was waiting like 4 min for any directions how to cut own hair, to no avail… What a shallow numbscull – who the heck cares bout claptrap like – "you guys mean so much to me" – sure they mean even more if they subscribe …worst spent 4:54 minutes on youtube.

  3. Isn't this the guy that was on the MTV show Daisy of Love?????

  4. dude have you been with like nuber 1-2 haircut, I mean like super short hairstyle ?

  5. Well of course a man can cut his own hair bc those shears are set to only go in so far. I have a huge amount of super long thick naturally curly hair that I cut myself, even the length as I cannot trust any stylist to do it bc they eff it up every time. Don't ever let some idiot take thinning shears to your hair, especially curly hair! They call it "texturizing" I call it b.s.

  6. Amazing! "Don't try this at home" lol

  7. No need to swear Danny boy

  8. his flick game on fleeeek

  9. Love your haircut but this tutorial was not helpful

  10. show how to cut the top!

  11. Te quedo bien ese corte se ve chingon la verdad quiero uno asi 🙂

  12. WTF???!!!!! Really bad technique!

  13. lmao at that girl in the mirror filming with an ipad.
    i cut my own hair all the time, the sides are easy, i was hoping to see how he would cut the top. this is the only thing i cant do myself, unless i just want it short and use a 12 clip.

  14. omg   hi  Daniel  i am  Salima From Morocco   i am a big fan  of you  i   love  what  you  do your a really   ssoo  Pro ,  i  juste  started seeing your video  last  night  , and then i just  said WOOOWW , your so amazing

  15. anyone know the name to the song, its amazing!

  16. I've been cutting my own hair for years, it's easy! You just need two mirrors and some patience! 🙂

  17. cool guy im a hairdresser too but he is a lot faster than me.i Need 10 min to cut the sides by myself:)

  18. what is the name of the clippers?

  19. Actually, do try it at home. It's the only way to learn cutting your own hair. Yes, you'll mess up, but lessons learned and your hair will grow back. 

  20. I never saw any of his hair on his white t-shirt.
    How did he do that ?

  21. Hope to get my haircut with you someday in L.A. Take care.

  22. is that his gf? The blonde one in the mirror? 🙂

  23. I thought I would never see a video about cutting ur own hair, that's awesome!

  24. I like how Daniel has that greaser look in him (:

  25. "doing something out of the extra ordinary" he says…smh…this vain knob is the paris hilton of hairdressing

  26. dude, u look like a latin johnny depp! (especially with the shades) 😛 awesome videos, keep it up!

  27. Coming from a small city of 30,000 ppl, I do not trust these barbers or salon to follow my directions.  Most of the time they botched my hair so I do my own clipping.  Its relatively easy a cave man could do it!  

  28. I'd like to see you impress with a cut on curly hair shaved male on the side do not know but think it's a good challenge,

  29. johnny depp cutting his hair.

  30. I really love your hairstyle… I wish could look hot like u

  31. i actually do the same thing all the time to my hair lol.

  32. dude, you got some sexy beats!!!!!

  33. muito showwwww viva daniel afonso

  34. "Daniel Alfonso Men's Haircut Tutorial" needs to read "whatch my skill on myself, because if I love myself this much, so will you, book me."  you didn't actually show us anything, great hair though.
    great style (:

  35. I cut my own hair too.  

  36. Can't tell the difference. 

  37. dude you are so sick , love the hairstyles, such a trend setter, inspiration. NZ Fan, keep it up

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