Wigs are certainly not just an accessory we whip out for Halloween to go with our Cruella Devil outfit anymore, they are much, much more. With every kind of hair color, style and texture available you can have a brand-new do in no time without having to sit in a salon for 4 hours and then realize you hate it by the time you get home. Wigs are not just a fashion item, they are a celebration of you and your personality, they are statement that sets you apart from the crowd and they are also a great disguise if you’re a double agent on the run from NATO. But whichever category you find yourself in, a wig will always be a choice you don’t regret even if you do get caught in a shoot out on a rooftop somewhere. Well, at least your hair looked great.

While there are many wigs available out there, the highest quality you are going to find are ones made of human hair. These wigs act and feel just like your own hair and come with a whole range of benefits and advantages compared to a synthetic wig. But while they are the preferred option for many, it’s important to consider the cons of these accessories, so you know for sure you’re making the right choice.

Human hair wigs can be expensive and while they’re probably going to save you a lot of pricey trips to the salon to come out with the exact same head of hair you had before, think carefully before making your decision and choose a wig that’s right for you.



There are obvious pros to wigs in general, ranging from giving you amazing celebrity hair in seconds that you can easily just whip off before bed, to being able to forge a mafia boss alter ego and go around calling yourself Jimmy ‘the power drill’ Carter at night. But the benefits of human hair wigs are very specific. One of the main benefits of a human hair wig over synthetic is its longevity. These wigs last far longer than synthetic wigs and can be glued on to make them part of your permanent look for up to 6 months. While the wig itself will last for many years, it won’t become wiry and unkempt over time like synthetic pieces.


As these wigs are made of human hair, another pro is of course, that it looks more natural. No one will be able to tell your rocking a wig while you start busting those stripper moves on the dance floor after one too many tequila slammers and chances are your colleagues won’t have spotted you with your sexy disguise either, so it’s basically a win-win all round.  But you might, on the other hand, consider this a con if you’re looking for a barbie style, Nicki Minaj kind of do. And whether you do like the more natural look or you want to step out the house and onto your catwalk that is the world and inspire the masses, you work it girl. Live your best life.


Human hair is also far more versatile in the way you can apply products and heat to it without setting fire to your bed, your house and your cat. Unlike synthetic hair you can straighten, curl and hairspray these locks to your hearts content while dyeing it as many shades as you like. They behave just as your own hair would, so you have a completely free choice in how you would like it to look and feel on your head.

Choice of texture

Another pro to this style of wig is its variety in texture. Whether you would like soft fine blonde hair, a dark curly Afro or thick mane of strawberry blonde locks there is a wig that will provide you with just that. You could even have a different style for everyday of the week if you have just won a stupid amount of money you don’t know what to do with, and really confuse your boss when you come into work.


The Cost

Human hair wigs also come with a few downsides that you will want to bear in mind before picking out your new mane. And probably the biggest one of all is their price compared to synthetic. As they are the highest quality and longest lasting wig out there, they do rack up at a slightly higher price than their synthetic sisters and while you can get wigs on the lower end of price range, if you’re just going to wear it once in a while for a night out, synthetic may be the better option for you.


Another thing to point out about these wigs before you go ahead and add to basket is they require much more maintenance than that of a synthetic wig. You will have to deep condition it when it gets ratty and restyle it when it loses its shape. And yes, you would have to do it with your own hair as well, but its kind of like living with a messy person: its fine when you leave the plates out to fumigate the kitchen for a few days but the minute someone else leaves their penicillin petri dishes out for over a day there’s just no chance your cleaning that stuff up. When the hair doesn’t belong to you it can seem far more of a chore to wash it so if you’re not ready for this kind of commitment its probably best you go for a synthetic wig that keeps its shape and needs next to no maintenance. But maybe consider your hygiene habits if it seems unfeasible to you to wash a wig every two months.


In addition to this, these wigs are fragile. They are susceptible to damage the same way your own hair is and will fall when it rains and go flat in humidity. They are far more delicate, so colour treatment will fade after a while the same way it does on your natural hair which can be a pain if you’re looking for something that is going to look the same in every circumstance come rain or shine. While synthetic wigs will not be affected in the same way human hair wigs are by certain conditions, they only have one style and it’s the one you buy it in. So, way up whether the extra bit of work is worth having the freedom with your look or if you’ll be wearing your wig once for your sister’s wedding next June to hopefully pull the best man at the disco but that’s about it.

So, there you have it, a summary of things to consider before spending your precious pennies. And whether you’re buying a wig because your ex has recently started visiting the same coffee shop as you and the hat just isn’t a strong enough disguise, or you’re planning on becoming Frenchie from Grease 3 times a week, have fun with your hair and choose the right one for you. So live big and buy a wig, because no one wants something that close to their face, if you’re not in love with it.