Incredibly coarse chin hair on women and how to cope / remove

Incredibly coarse chin hair on women and how to cope / remove


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  1. Use a spring epilator. It's very easy n painless. N u can do it anytime when watching the TV n without even a mirror.

  2. I have been plucking hairs since I was 13. I am 58 now. Recently I discovered Nad's nose hair removal wax. I use it all over my face.You heat it up like a wax but it doesn't burn like wax does. It feels like plastic when it dries. It really does a good job of pulling the hairs out and it also takes off the dry skin. My skin feels so smooth and looks so healthy after that.

  3. If you have coarse hair shave with a safety razor! These are not only environmentally friendly, also cheaper in the long run and do a better job. That works even better than sugar waxing.

  4. Ok, what now? I can barely hear you! So sorry! Would love to hear what you have to say, but can't. 😕

  5. Your reaction to seeing your furst hair in your 20s was alarming. It was a hair. Pluck and go on with life. There are more serious things in this world than facial hair. Glad you're more relaxed about it now

  6. I have the same thing! I have to shave 2x a day and my face feels the same. Have always shaves it but I'm starting to pluck and it is a lot softer. I find if I pluck with the grain I don't get bumps. Epilators will ruin your skin because the tweezers rip the hairs out in the wrong backwards direction. When I go shopping Tommrow I'm gonna pick up lemon juice and sugar. Apparently sugaring wax can be made very easily at home and can also not cause bumps and ingrown hairs like wax. Which rips the hairs out in the wrong direction. Also if you do pluck or sugar make sure to exfoliate and apply moiaturizering cream. The cream will allow the hairs to come thru the skin easier and not create ingrown hairs. These tips have given me a smooth face and no bumps so I hope these tips work for you. They have helped my skin cause shaving causes irritation sometimes.

  7. God bless thank you for sharing

  8. I bet you have PCOS. Thank you for sharing you story.

  9. Do you get any five o clock shadow doing your shaving routine?

  10. This has really helped me with acceptance. I've had coarse facial hair since middle school and I'm always looking for a better way to remove it. I love your positive attitude! Is there some way I could contact you be email maybe? Thank you so much for this.

  11. Thank you for the video!

  12. I need this but live in Canada , how do I get it ?

  13. I'm 38 now but in my teens I have also used those same acne products and soon developed course hairs exact pattern a mix of ginger color and coarse light hairs with very few dark. unfortunately I cannot do laser bc all the hair has to be very dark I was under impression that my dermatologist was going to perform laze but there was also a young student that scared me off so I gave up on that. With age now I have a bit more hairs. I refuse to shave still but I pluck it …very often and I'm getting tired of it. I have not had any children yet so I wonder also if it could be ovarian issue as well. Sad that no doctor could help me.

  14. Thank you for sharing this. Your attitude towards life is truly inspirational!

  15. Have you tried drinking spearmint tea? It helps some women in reducing unwanted facial hair growth.

  16. I have the exact same thing. exact same pattern. I'm only 21.

  17. can u please email me…….your video helped me alot. i have alot of questions and im so imbarressed by this i barley leave home 🙁

  18. Thank you for being so positive and inspiring. It would be easier if all the world felt this way when they looked at me. The texture of the skin on my chin because of the hair removal isn't as smooth as the rest of my face. People stare, I sometimes don't want to leave my house. I lost my job because of it. I'm glad there is someone out there who understands, although far away.

  19. Thank you.gracious and wise lady!

  20. Do you like the straight razor better or the electric.  Do you use a shaving cream?  I have used the Emjoi epislim (epilator), but after watching your video would like to try shaving. Thank you for your honesty, I have been scammed into buying damaging products on my skin before, with burns, and scars

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