INDIAN HAIR GROWTH SECRETS (Night Routine) How to grow Long Hair Fast Tutorial

INDIAN HAIR GROWTH SECRETS (Night Routine) How to grow Long Hair Fast Tutorial


♥ Jasmine Coconut oil by parachute: My Neighbor loves it!

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This is my neighbor’s Long hair care night routine, !

My neighbor has super long hair so I thought it would be fun to ask her what her how to grow long hair fast and if she had a night routine for how to grow my hair long and for any indian hair growth secrets that she may have. so I did this video.

You don’t have to wash your hair everyday that is not necessary.
I’m simply sharing what my neighbor does at night and wanted to share. JUST USE YOUR FAVORITE COCONUT OIL WHEN YOU DO WASH YOUR HAIR FOR FAST HAIR GROWTH RESULTS ! 🙂

In this video I share with you secrets from India women on how to get long thick hair . Night routine hair secrets. Hair oil that the women in India use to get the most beautiful hair in the world. There hair is the most sought after and often used for wigs and hair extensions. This video is not sponsored. We include affiliate links.

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  1. Parachute Jasmine contains mineral oil

  2. Of course if you not cut your hair from born sure long no matter to tell bcs of oil long impossible is helping to health only any oil😂😂😂

  3. I have organic coconut oil..Will it work?.. or do i have to biy the one you use?

  4. Hi I am Indian I have really thick hair and long I am using my secret mask and homemade hair oil

  5. Ye Pakistan say mill Santa hi please reply

  6. the oil doesnt ship in my county 😢

  7. Yyy u showing an old lady lol

  8. But u r not using Jasmin oil…

  9. For a second…I thought you were Selena Quintanella

  10. So she washes her hair every morning?

  11. Some people say to make a tight braid and some says to make a loose braid, which one guys?

  12. I like parachut coconut oil

  13. kamini batao to sahi kon sa tel oil hai

  14. I put this stuff in my hair called "Wild hair growth hair oil" it's for mixed hair and Indian here's the website

  15. I'm black (naturally curly and dry hair), I eat like crap and I did this for a year and my hair grew longer than any other time (about 6 inches). There IS something about coconut oil that strengthens the hair for more length retention. Yes, genetics plays a part, but, given my very fragile hair type I saw a HUGE difference in length retention using this method, so I think it's safe to say that genetics or eating healthy wasn't the reason it worked.. 🙂 My hair is now close to waist length.

  16. I only water wash my hair once a week and use diluted shampoo once a month. my hair absorbs oil like crazy. I have afro hair and daily oiling is heaven for my hair.

  17. is not all Indian people have good hair I'm marrocan and my husband his Indian but his sisters they dnt even have a good hair

  18. we indian also use boiled Areetha and sikakai powder to wash our hair it gives us that thick hair ..

  19. What if i cant brush my curly hair? It will be damaging?

  20. But in the video, you used a different oil… a yellowish one, as the Parachute Jasmine Coconut oil has no colour… which oil did you use?

  21. Actually it's true every Indian girls have like long hairs

  22. Do we have to wash our hair everyday or can we leave the oil on our hair

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