INSPIRING Random Pics of Beautiful Afro Textured Hair women with Long Hair that’s NOT just Shima!!!

INSPIRING Random Pics of Beautiful Afro Textured Hair women with Long Hair that’s NOT just Shima!!!


Shima continues to keep her Shima Girls INSPIRED!!!

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  1. Black hair is super curly hair smh

  2. not much "afro" textured hair in this video. ijs it was ether super curly or blown out. *shrug*

  3. If a black woman has a head full of healthy hair and they still wear weave then let me be the first to say that those are not the women that you should worry about. Cause they are taking care of their REAL hair unlike the ones who wear weave and when they take it out their real hair is looking jacked up. Often times women wear weave to give their real hair a break or just want a different look. It is not about not liking their real hair. People need to stop always thinking that.

  4. checkout longhairdontcare2011.

  5. To everybody on this post I'm black and if your black and you were born in America your not 100% African the only ppl who are pure bred blacks reside in the mother land but one drop of black blood gives you bragging rights I guess so it is what it is peace

  6. @sweet8015 i share your sentiments. i was hoping for the same thing.

  7. we have to be more careful with our hair because it is dryer and more fragile but it can and will grow with the proper educate and care and a whole lot of patience 🙂

  8. anyone of any race! can have long hair, as long as you minimize manipulation, chemicals and heat and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize your hair will grow tremendously aka you will retain length, i am a testament to that…we do toooooo much to our harm too young and it becomes an unhealthy pattern thus we end up with short, breaking, dry unhealthy hair…..

  9. @Shimahair21 Kenya Moore is also native american. They have the most desirable hair around the world. and India ofcourse

  10. There is nothing wrong with wearing wigs.. I am almost 60 years old and when I was a kid most people had long healthy NATURAL hair that was pinned up or pulled back so that is was protected.. When you wanted a different style ie: shorter, longer different color, you wore a wig… Wigs are like shoes, belts or hats.. just an accessory.. I love my hair… thanks…

  11. @erica18cat It's called "Hey There Delilah" by the Plain White T's 🙂

  12. @khalilahinjapan This is beautiful. Thank you for being strong for our women. I wish everyone could see our gorgeous afros and love them as much as we do. I don't even know you and I think you're beautiful. =]

  13. Theres no way to tell if their wearing weaves unless u live in their scalp

  14. I like the video.but, I was reading the comments and a lot of people is not paying attention to the video Its just about how black people can grow long hair, thats it and for the record NO ONE is 100% anything,black, white etc.etc. we do not have AKC papers like dogs or cats to prove we are 100% anything!!!!! we may look black, white etc.etc. but there is a nother race in your family somewhere down the line! you dont have to be half anything to grow long hair. its how you take care of it!

  15. It's a common misconception that only blacks who are mixed can have long hair One of my good friends is from Ghana West Africa and when she first came here she had really nappy, kinky,coarse hair I mean you could cut your finger in there! but she started getting treatments in her hair and she eventually wound up getting a perm and when she got that perm her hair was in the middle of her back! when black ppl hair grow it coils up it doesnt grow out straight like white ppl so it appers to be short

  16. the black and white pic was a weave… and there were atlest two other weaves in this slide show… but i find it funny how all the girls with the longer hair were mixed… just food for though shima…. i do believe that afro textured hair can grow long if taken care of properly… but the next time you wanna make a point use all the races… cuz i can gurantee that most of the girls watchign your vids have "nappy hair" and are not mixed like the ones in the vid

  17. Uneducated chick……. clearly you don't realize that there are BLACK people all over the world. Aborigines are not what we'd call "black" here, yet they are indeed BLACK people because of their skin color. There are also BLACK latinos, BLACK arabs, etc… Good Lord your ignorance just cracked my computer screen, you owe me a new monitor.

  18. ??? wtf are u trying to say?

    I guess u are saying to me that u have your own opinion or whatever. If so you never hear the old saying>>>>>>opinions are like funky shit…..everyone passes it some maybe runny and some maybe full of substance…..u want to guess what your opinion is like??

    give up????

    Your opinion is like RUNNY SHIT!

    sweetie your opinion has no substance in other words its ((DUMB))

    Enjoy the rest of your evening ok..

  19. THANK you creamy.. KEMOY just dont get it , the only ""pure"" blooded black people ive met in my life were NOT "african american" they were from other countries..people think if both of their parents are 'AFRICAN AMERICAN" they are full blooded black…BLACK IS A SKIN COLOR NOT A RACE and black can mean many things. being african american is a cultural thing.there are other races of africans also.. black can mean hispanic naitive american, creole ect… shima is no more mixed than most blacks

  20. kemoy when was the last time you ever met a full blooded african person? i dont see many… most "african" americans are mixed and ("whookarezboutu" who commented after you) some of the people she showed are straight african i bet you cant say the same…. and lately ive been seing white girls pushing round babies with nappier hair them mine ,and my childrens. and both of my parents are black.and im brown skinned.. your skin color has nothing to do with your hair growth potential and texture

  21. @kem0y


    Sweetie you know what . I am convinced that your thought process comes from years of brain washing and low self esteem. omg i blame you mother she needs to have her ass beat! hahaha

  22. More of our Ancestors were brought over to Latin America and the Caribbean than they were to North America PLEASE KNOW AND UNDERSTAND THATNOT ALL HISPANICS ARE 'MIXED'

    OMG Shima some people just can't free the chains off their brain cells. I don't see how you have the patience for such ignorance!

  23. @kem0y

    sweetie please stfu because u sound DUMB.

    I'm Cuban A BLACK CUBAN and I have many in my family who can't grow hair for shit! The problem with you ignorant people is that you can't see past america and u think that blacks outside of america are incapable of being JUST BLACK.

    What in the fckn hell makes you think YOU own the patent on being BLACK?

  24. Ha! Newsflash, Black women come in all colors and have different hair textures. You should be thankful she even posts these videos for you & half of these women are dogging her. God Bless you Shima.

  25. I am not mixed, have afro textured hair that I relax & it has grown to shoulder length from a shaved cut in a year. I can't wait to see how long it is in another year. Probably APL at the rate it's going. Bottom line, stop making excuses and take care of your hair. Our hair isn't handicapped and neither are you, so stop acting like you are. Jeez. Just because a Black woman has an accent you accuse her of being mixed?

  26. I agree. Kenya Moore specifically. Yes she has long hair but her hair isn't THAT long.

  27. Growth rate is what I was referencing.

  28. Genetics does play a large part of growth rate. Try 65%!!!

  29. @khalilahinjapan: Wow I LOVED this: "It is just a disease of the mind that makes us think on a conscious/subconscious level that our hair is not good enough."

    Thanks for chiming in!!

  30. @parissharpe: I don't leave Natural Hair out because that's my REAL hair texture underneath the perms. When it grows out I too have to work with my Natural Hair as well as my Relaxed hair at the SAME TIME to avoid hair breakage.

  31. Hi ojthe3rd: Just a slight correction on pic1:03. That's Kenya Moore and she was actually a MISS USA. She was the 2nd African American woman to win the MISS USA crown in 1993:) And yes that is her REAL hair.

  32. I think Iman wears the weaves for style and to be different with hair styles She has hair.

  33. um nice vid but half of these women are wearing weaves 🙁

  34. There are a lot of black women NOT mixed or anything like that who have grown out there hair mid back and beyond. We are learning how to take care of our hair thanks to Shima and others who are willing to teach and share. That is the key! Thanks Shima.

  35. Thank you for adding pictures of the natural ladies too Shima. Although I have just started on my natural hair journey, I'm glad I found your channel because many of the things you say apply to natural hair too!

  36. iman wears weave dont think because its wet it isnt a weave. kenya more ALWAYS had long hair and she reps hard for dark skin women…she's BEAUTIFUL. and i knew shima was going to throw herself SOMEWHERE in this equation. hahaha

  37. 0:48 is amazing! I want my 'fro to grow out like that!

  38. Almost all women in the media -models actresses etc are wearing extensions of some kind

  39. See now, u r too much Shima!! I luv the way u addes urself in the pics toward the end!! That's right!! Ur hair is BEAUTIFUL!!! Go Shima!!

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