Is Armpit Hair Sexy On Women?

Is Armpit Hair Sexy On Women?


“Go girl, you do it.”

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  1. I think It's sexy on men..But not on females..

    (I'm female myself)

  2. I find it attractive if women don’t shave -it is sexy and sometimes the prepubescent look is over done. It’s attractive because the woman is confident and not ruled by societal norms.

  3. I agree with you girl!♥️💕☺️😃
    Be natural be yourself!
    Natural hair body are sexy in men and women🙂🥰

  4. Sexy with armpit hair

  5. uh oh, here come the feminists

  6. I think it's ok but, when it starts flowing in the wind, shave it!

  7. There is no " women are supposed to be _____" anyone can do or be anything they want to be 😁😊👍

  8. I love girls with hairy armpits, is beautyful, is sexy, is natural, super atractive

  9. Yss but if you keep it trimmed short.

  10. Do you what you want

  11. Body hair is a masculine thing straight men aren’t gonna want to date a girl with more hair lol

  12. society will never change for the feminists and "sjw's" because we all know how much of a joke they are.
    whether you accept it or not thats not gonna change it from being a thing.

  13. Pit pubes….yuuuuck!

  14. why women don't have beard? ? why double standard? ? next video make it with a guy with beard asking women why women don't have beard ok ?

  15. I love hairy armpits girls, is beautyful, is sexy, is natural, the pits are protection natural of body

  16. Yeah, be comfortable being single

  17. RIP free speech, hairy dictators cant handle your opinion

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