Kenneth Siu’s Haircut – Vintage Men Style

Kenneth Siu’s Haircut – Vintage Men Style



  1. Kenneth Siu did the best he could. Sometimes you just can't fix ugly…

  2. Quit your job. That was so so so painful. Mate in the chair, go to a real barber shop ffs.
    Use half the product. Buy guards for your clippers. Use your blow dryer for more than hardening the product.
    2/10 Do not fuck with.

  3. The fade needed to be more blended

  4. Just clean up the face more, the sideburns and beard, and it would have been perfect.

  5. What was his hair type? Remember?

  6. 頭頂沒有給他打薄,兩側和後面太短…

  7. Wonderful and excellent double plus Mr. Sui

  8. What length are those shears?

  9. LINDO : corte masculino !…….
    – que mudança !…..incrivel  !

  10. what product was used when styling please?

  11. tehnik potong yg unik…like 🙂

  12. This is perfect, this means it can be done!!

  13. Such unusual techniques!

  14. good haircut but too much extra acting

  15. akemashite omedetou gozaimassu,kotoshi mo yoroshiku onegaishimassu,arigatou

  16. beautiful, perfect, love it!

  17. +salonriah I have similar hair, may I ask what type of product is being used?

  18. beautiful job , i may end up doing this hairstyle, if you don't mind me asking what is the first instrumental??

  19. eres grande una gran obra de arte

  20. Hey I think you are awesome styles. What brand and size of scissors are you using.

  21. Wow he's bloody dope I must say.

  22. This is not only vintage but also trendy! I have curly hair just like him! But I never met any barber who had the technique to cut such a cool look for me. From now on, I will never just let anyone cut my hair! And this will be my new hairstyle! Thanks for the inspiration!

  23. No hay palabras para dexcribir lo ao que es este tipo!! IMPRESIONANTE……! La verdad que es muy inspirador!

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