Kids Transformation Haircut Tutorial

Kids Transformation Haircut Tutorial


How to fade hair. This haircut is in boy with long curly hair using wahl magic clips and andis masters

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camera equipment:
canon 70D
canon 50mm 1.4 lens
voiceover mic
rode camera mic


  1. Wow!! you really understand hair that was a brutal transformation. I bet that client was feeling himself.

  2. Nice bro! I thought trump was about to jump out and say ‘no collusion!’ at the end there, but nice fade!

  3. 👍🏼💈💇🏽‍♂️🤩🧐🤨

  4. dose anyone know what city he lives in because i got hair just like this kid and i want his hair cut

  5. What is detail work ???

  6. This kid looks depressed 😞

  7. Can someone tell me when I walk into the barber shop to get this haircut what do I exactly tell the barber ?

  8. What curl pattern is this? 3A?

  9. He asked for a trim but yall cut about 2 inches off lmao but still good cut tho. Just listen to your client better

  10. Damn that kid was blessed with good hair

  11. anybody can cut coarse hair but what about fine thin straight hair

  12. anybody can cut coarse hair but what about fine thin straight hair

  13. Feel like he cut way to much on the top

  14. Next time you could just spray curls with water would be easier to comb through and cut but I still loved cut..nice job

  15. I love his hair . I have kinda the same but not as much hair .. so my hair looks thinner.

  16. He messed up the kids fucking hsir he sucks

  17. I have similar hair what should I ask the barber for to get this cut

  18. eu ja determinei um padrão de qualidade para meu trabalho esse padrão chama-se bossio.

  19. Hey boss what's up! What stright razor blades you rocking with at the moment. Want to try some others than persona

  20. Man what camera 🎥 do you use the video looks so crisp

  21. Which blade do you watch when you cut bro the stationary or the cutting blade bro? Thanks in advance

  22. Use Wahl clippers 🙏 step by step.. You do great videos

  23. Bossio where can i get that FADE brush?

  24. Thx for all your knowledge bro! As a new barber in the game I'm learning a lot from you and 360 jeezy! God bless!

  25. Nice cut, but I didn't like the way you disconnect the hair at the beginning

  26. Where did u get ur custom trimmers?

  27. Great barber! Where are you located?

  28. What's the best way to care for your clippers and trimmers?

  29. Hello sir chris. Sir if its ok can you make a video cutting skin fade pomp or any kind of skin fade haircut without using any clipper guides just one clipper only. Looking forward seeing your video sir. God bless

  30. Is that a Gold T-Rex blade your using?? If so how do you like using it?

  31. Man, YouTube unsubscribed me! Wtf?

  32. Definitely liked this 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾 I wasn't sure about the c-cup but to each their own. Keep up the great work

  33. That's fresh bro… your one hell of a barber and super helpful. I can't wait too start cutting. Oh just ordered my tomb45 razor and shave gel, can't wait for it to come in I'll be doing a video on it for sure.

  34. That fade is flawless

  35. Great tutorial as usual and thanks for the s/o at the end Fonz & Chris

  36. Lil homie looks like a young Nate lol

  37. Finally curly hair not naps

  38. Chris man, I just want to salute you! The cut was executed perfectly!! I just want to know, if you ever take on a mentor what would it take?! What would it cost? Like let me know!

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