Learn How to Give Yourself a Fade Haircut (in only 2.5 minutes!)

Learn How to Give Yourself a Fade Haircut (in only 2.5 minutes!)


Very quick and detailed tutorial on how to give yourself a fade haircut, AKA the “high and tight.” Great introduction for novices who don’t want to watch a long video.

NOTE: This video focuses on the sides and back. For the top, I recommend buzzing to an even length like me, visiting your barber (can’t beat a good barber’s results), or watching another tutorial on full haircuts.

Also, practice makes perfect. For your first fade, try something longer than bald as your shortest setting. (If you have long hair on top, 1/4″ is a not-so-scary place to start.) And please don’t try your first fade before a wedding or a job interview. 🙂

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  1. Awesome self cut! What is length on top?

  2. TRASHHH take this down immediately, never would anybody want a fade like yours . I hope this is removed from YouTube asap and you never have access to post anything you might think is educational . 100% Non Educational

  3. Looks shit.. That's what you call a tutorial

  4. this was going well for me until about 2 and a half minutes and I decided to give it a go

  5. The haters gone hate! Looks good man

  6. Use them burger king paper crowns for that good even cut

  7. Good job. (despite the "music")

  8. Im sorry but that is the most sorriest fade i have even seen in life 😂

  9. LMFAAAOOOOO 0:05 is that supposed to be the "fresh fade"?

  10. best video for beghinners

  11. You have beautiful eyes!

  12. Im sorry but no. Awful video. Didn't learn anything from this.

  13. You got sum good clippers but don’t know how to use them 🤦‍♀️

  14. This is my first comment after the down

  15. It's alright for someone who already has short hair i guess, but not for longer and thicker hair

  16. Fuck this dog shit Tutorial

  17. I think you will improve and find this video embarrassing in time

  18. Music is a little bit loud?

  19. not good bro…need more pratice

  20. Skip to 2:36 for the best part of video 🤣🤣🤣

  21. Fucked your self up. Don't try it again

  22. Looks like shit. Go to a barber.

  23. i tried dis now i look like chuck from rugrats

  24. This was actually great. Thanks!

  25. It's way harder with longer hair on top.

  26. Best video I could find on fading. It worked perfectly. Thanks!

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