Little girl gives herself a haircut | Funny | toddle tale

Little girl gives herself a haircut | Funny | toddle tale


A little girl cut her own hair because it was itching her back.


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  1. Oooop my god nise hair like 1000

  2. "So we can look back one day and laugh" is what the mom should have said.

  3. Little punk head looks good :).

  4. lol all I want is for her to see what she really did to her hair, and that she might have to go to school with lel!

  5. this girl is a pure savage!

  6. The good thing is, hair grows fast!

  7. wow now thats a haircut, well if she likes it and it was annoying her meh

  8. "Why you taking a picture uh me?" "I'm videotaping this so you can look back at this one day and…(mom's thinking "I'm not gonna say it – laugh"]"

  9. some people here are overreacting. I did it when I was little remember clearly how horrified my Pap was. Even cut my Aunts dress hahaha! So what is Mom videotape it? No big deal. I sure love it if my Pap did the same, so I can look at it now. I still cut my own hair now as adult even though I am no hairdresser at all. It would be nice to see if I improve over the years. My niece is a very pretty girl so we love to see her long hair and bangs but same as this girl, my niece always complain that it's bothering her.

  10. I remember I did this lol 😂😂😂

  11. its uneven, but hey, she doesnt care

  12. but tbh she did a great job it looks nice doe

  13. Oh yeah Mom? Take real good look then. Did you get the back?
    Lol this girls gonna be a handful

  14. She should have just told her mom that she wanted her hair short💇

  15. Aww, it looked better from the front than the back. 🙂

    If she wants short hair, let her have short hair! It's way too early for her to worry about her looks. She has all her life to make herself uncomfortable in pursuit of beauty. At least when she's young let her be happy.

    I agree it's unsafe to do it herself though. Maybe you can trim it for her next time.

  16. I love that she thinks it's a great haircut, and it does the job! No more hair bothering the back of her neck. Can't wait to see her response to the video in a few years. she's gorgeous. 

  17. She was scratching her back😂

  18. Thank you for sharing this. My almost 4 year old daughter cut her hair this morning and I cried my eyes out. She could finally get little pigtails after almost 4 years of patiently waiting for her little fluffy fur to grow into hair you can put clips in without falling out within seconds and then…she cuts it!
    So I was trying to find kids cutting their own hair on youtube and they weren't as bad as my girl, till I found yours!
    I love the way you stayed calm, it helped me finally to laugh about it…until I see my girls army head that is.
    Greetings from the Netherlands
    Btw some kids climb mount everest to get what they want so stop blaming moms for not putting away scissors! Even moms need to take showers or a sh.., yes! Moms are people with digestion too!

  19. Hey, except for the bald spots, I think she did a pretty good job!

  20. I wonder why we all cut our hair when we're that young… I remember I had bangs and I cut them soooo short. My mom then threatened to make me bald lol

  21. Hahaa she is so cute! Nice try…if the haircut was even, it would look really good.
    If only i could pull off short hair, i would totally do the same thing!

  22. poor kid looks like one of them bosnian refugees with all that hair missing

  23. I cut myself a fringe when I was 4. It's not the mom's fault! And moreover my mother is hairdresser so it has nothing to do with the fact that I didn't like my haircut or something, it's just something kids do, and it's just hair, it grows up…

  24. Haha I did that but it looks really good

  25. She is really cute especially with the shorter hair

  26. My child did that and her hair was so long got sent home from school

  27. She's adorable IDC what her hair looks like

  28. My daughter just did this and I am trying to figure out how to fix it without shaving her head! 🙁

  29. It doesn't actually look that bad

  30. What did you do after that?

  31. looks like a mini emma watson

  32. I did the same thing when I got my first pair of scissors! But I only cut the back

  33. Oh my! I did the same thing when I was little! My mother was mortified! lol

  34. i know a lot of peepz who do that

  35. Pretty good for little one

  36. When she turned!! Oh lord

  37. And how is taping something so your kid can look back at it bad??

  38. some of you are such dickholes. a mother documents it ALL. My mom has SOOO many videos and pictures of me growing up, the good and the bad andi have done the same with my children. You do it, not for embarrasment purposes but as a keepsake. And if it happens to be funny we now have video sharing in this day and age. But it's not like the child was crying or emotional about it. She was actually seemed quite pleased with her job. loool.

  39. lmaooooooo LUV IT!!! she said "so we can look back on it and……" she wanted to say LAUGH. But on THIS DAY while it's happening she cant even get the word out because TODAY it's NOT FUNNY! Ha!! awwwwww…you will laugh honey, give it a couple years and you will be able to say "HEY! Remember the time you cut your hair Adolf Hitler style?" and you will laugh and laugh and laugh. lmaoooo

  40. horrible. fans got shocked by watching this. fans got shocked when kareena kapoor smashed on the news reader in public. she must be mad.

    just watch it here ==>

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