Long Bob Lived-in Haircut Tutorial | How to cut this popular women's cut of 2019!

Long Bob Lived-in Haircut Tutorial | How to cut this popular women's cut of 2019!


You guys have asked for a haircutting video for a while and it’s finally here!

As you know, I specialize in hair color, but I wanted to share some of my haircutting techniques that I use in the salon. Quick disclaimer, you won’t hear me using a ton of “technical” haircutting terms and that’s because I’m mostly self-taught when it comes to cutting. But I still wanted to share what works for me in the salon in hopes that it will help you too!

If you want to see the lived-in curling video I mention, check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LfXgcAnfpW4&t=337s


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  1. Love all your videos 🤗 They are so helpful 💞

  2. Thank you!!! I struggle w point cutting taking to much hair out leaving it looking chunky. That was my light bulb moment!!!

  3. It gives me Joyce Byers vibes. It’s so pretty!!

  4. This might be a dumb question but what is the benefit of sectioning the hair when cutting vs just cutting all of the hair together

  5. Ironically I’ve cut women’s hair like this long before it became popular but I styled it differently!! For me the bangs still looked to heavy and could’ve used more texturing to lighten them up more but this is just me and the way I cut hair!!

  6. What’s size shears is your favorite for wet cutting??

  7. Hairstylist to Hairstylist that was way more than an inch! Love the end results though.

  8. I wasn't expecting to like this cut, but it looks really nice on the model.
    What are internal layers?

  9. Can anybody tell me what version of the hot tools curling iron she is using? Thank you.

  10. Would of been better with a white cape. Hard to see unblock. Great video.

  11. Love this! I've been growing out my shorter bob and this is my goal. I am definitely getting that Kenra dry volume burst spray too.

  12. This video really helped out!! I would love to see more!!!!

  13. You and I cut so similar!👏🏻😁💕💕💕

  14. Did u say u were taking 1 inch off the length? Looks like 3 inches.

  15. Ur such a perfectionist! I love that! I learn sooo much from you so thank u once again!! U keep me on point, inspired and organized! ❤️👌

  16. would love a color video on curly haired or coarser textured clients.

  17. where did you go to school?

  18. Beautiful job as always! I love kenra products and their color is amazing.

  19. Where are you located? I would love for you to work on my hair.

  20. Nice haircut👌🏼what scissors do u use??

  21. If you use a white cutting cape
    That would be great

  22. This lob is versatile and fun. I love the length, texture, front fringe, the beachy waves, and most of all "no mom flip" at the ends. The length is long enough to still put up into a french twist, messy bun, pony tail or braid. I like this length the best on myself because the hair still circles around the head into the front and is swingy at the shoulder length. I find once my hair gets a bit longer most of it goes to the back, and I lose the complete "look" of a beautiful swishy bob.

  23. MORE MORE MOREEEE 😍😍😍❤️❤️

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