Man Bun – Top Knot Tutorial | Zayn Malik Man Bun | Man Bun Hairstyle

Man Bun – Top Knot Tutorial | Zayn Malik Man Bun | Man Bun Hairstyle


Whats up everyone, I finally got around to making that man bun tutorial for you all 🙂 Hope you enjoy it! Music in the description here! Go support the artist 🙂


Music Used: Galimatias – Ocean Floor Kisses
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  1. how to measure hair length ?

  2. I have a man bun since a few months but im not able to get this bun like in this video :c

  3. It's been 4 years since the video was out and In my opinion till today I find this video amongst all other I have seen to be the right top knot 👍

  4. Maybe I am going to get this harcut too but I am scared of what people are going to think about me 🙁 ( and my hair is at this moment to short) Are girls liking this haircut or not?

  5. U look like joe blumaan in this

  6. Been trying to grow my hair out for this, but my hair is so dead and dry! Nd idk why. Any tips on how you made ur hair so soft Nd thick?

  7. perfect cast for garalt of rivia

  8. Buns are for girls only

  9. I LOVE manbun but only ONE frickin' boy puts his hair like this!😭 And he doesn't even look as good as you!❤❤❤

  10. Ma che hai una busta dell'immondizia in testa??

  11. The growing out process sucks but it's worth it in the end. That is the only real down side, that and then you have to deal with a bunch of buzz cut buddies giving you shit and calling you homophobic slurs and saying you look like a douche bag. Heaven forbid somebody want to stand out a little bit and have a different hair style and wear something other than "tap out" shirts and cargo shorts and 10 year old reeboks. The style isn't douchy, it's the guy wearing it. I've met plenty of douche bags rocking a beard and a buzz cut but I don't assume they are all that way. This really is the only hair style that actually stays in place for long amounts of time for me. I don't have the dome for a buzz cut. Spikey hair is a little late 90's and generally my hair always ended up looking like a poofed up mess three hours after spiking it. Slicking back is the same issue, it just won't hold in place and just looks wild and messy and not in a hot way. With this just a little bit of product and your good.

  12. u look a little like james franco haha

  13. My hairs are too hard it can't be combed backward 😢😢..
    Plus i have a receding hairline as well ..
    What to do? ?

  14. Does it goes with any kind of face shapes & height?

  15. I have loads of small hairs (baby hairs) which make it look shot :(. What should I do?

  16. Pause in 3:23 look the photoshop in the head 😮

  17. Take out the bun and but in the work to grow it
    Your hair looks better loose

  18. I cannot believe you used Ocean Floor Kisses in this video. I am absolutely fucking mindblown. I thought very few people knew bout Galimatias ✨

  19. Thanks U It helped Me alot

  20. I dont now why but this is hot❤😍😍

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