Meet The Experts- Electrolysis Vs. Laser Hair Removal For Men & Women

Meet The Experts- Electrolysis Vs. Laser Hair Removal For Men & Women


Women in Western countries commonly remove hair from most parts of the body for aesthetic reasons since the early 20th century as hemlines were on the rise and swimsuits became more revealing. Although women have always spent more money on beautifying, men are now focused on grooming or “manscaping” their backs, shoulders, unibrow, crotch area and hair on top of nose and ears. Waxing can be very painful for men, as you can see in the 2005 movie “The 40-Year-Old Virgin” starring Steve Carell and this is the reason men are turning to laser hair removal for large areas.

Depending on how much hair exists, laser treatments can take 6- 8 appointments and then you are done with only an annual appointment for maintenance. Shaving can be very tedious, messy, itchy when hair grows back and the ingrown can cause scarring.

Susan Hersh demystifies the differences between electrolysis and laser hair removal for both men and women in my interview with Mala Feit, Licensed Electrologist CPE & RN.

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  1. Women get older they are generally not atractive..just like this old fart

  2. How about hair on ear lobes…any ideas/advice (please pretty please)

  3. host although she is a woman but she sounds so nonsense towards women. disgusting

  4. Does this work with fine facial gray hair.

  5. Which treatment is best among all for permanent (lifelong) facial hair removal ???

  6. Forget electrolysis! It takes years and years to work which can be very costly. I know my sister went to one for many many years and she eventually gave it up. Very costly. You can't find electrolysis around anymore. Everybody caught on to this very expensive procedure that goes on for many years. It is not a couple of treatments and the hair is gone. By the time the hair stops growing back, your bank account is gone!

  7. Oooh men will find you unattractive! Women will find you unattractive! Has this video come in a time machine from 1952? These kind of statements are appalling generalisations.

  8. I personally am not hashtagTRIGGERED!!!111 by the part at the beginning. The info here is very helpful. I was lead to believe that permanent hair removal is a myth, but this is definitely making me consider electrolysis over laser!

  9. My question is is it really permanent or I have to go over and over again

  10. Nowt wrong with a few hairs.

  11. HI. What glasses is she using for electrolysis? I`m looking to buy something similar. Thank you!

  12. Hi Bernal, I do not understand your question. Can you please word differently?

  13. Hi , I’m facial specialist, Medical Assistant certified and I want to learn about electrolysis and laser , how many possibilities can I have o can I learn and what can I do in this job ?

  14. I don't see the relevance between a man's preferences and my personal beauty aspirations, statements like these is why they often think we dress for them or welcome their input. I did find the video informative, thank you for sharing it.

  15. Well being hispanic does not determine your skin color. I have hispanic family and friends that range from all the colors of the rainbow. From african to blue eyed nordic still born hispanic. Not an educated one.

  16. Why is this gray haired bitch laughing and not acting professional?

  17. I wanted to listen to this but it bothers me that the woman introducing this would say I'd get electrolysis because I want a guy to be attracted to me. For one, I'm into women. Secondly, I want electrolysis for me, for what I wanna see in the mirror and feel when I touch my skin.

  18. If I do electrolysis early in my mid 20s, will I get new coarse hair growing back when I get older or will the damaged follicle never regrow again? Is there a chance that the damaged follicles will heal after a couple months/years?

  19. At 1:45 what is she doing ?it looks she is pushing the needle further into probe, does this help to more accurately insert needle at correct follicle insertion depth?

  20. I know this video is old. But I've had laser and electrolysis done on my chin/neck. But I am one of the 1 out of 10 who gets a regular period and have normal hormone levels. Laser worked temporarily, but came back months after I finished my treatments. I then tried electrolysis and did it for a year. I think I started once a week then every 2 weeks. It hurt sooo bad. But it worked somewhat. Some of the hairs had to be done multiple times. I also felt that they just got finer and finer and she started having a hard time seeing/getting them. I stopped because I couldn't afford it anymore. It did work but I didn't finish so I'm still dealing with some hairs. I also didn't have a lot of hair. If electrolysis isn't hurting a lot they probably are not actually getting the root of the hair and are just tweezing it out.

  21. hello
    I did one clearance of my shoulders with electrolysis , how many times do I still need to go ?
    I have light skin and coarse hair

  22. One hair at a time!
    It must take years n years to clear a body?

  23. Susan you are beautiful

  24. Save your money. Fix your mind, hair is sexy. Do you want a man that looks like a woman? Hairy men are better lovers. Check it out.

  25. hii i have p.c.o.d n i have hair on my body part so is electrolysis working or what ?actually i have done laser hair removal bur it's not working,infact aftr that so many hair comes on my body part 😥

  26. Hi Neda, Alexandrite (laser type) is safe & effective on all skin types. YAG laser is specifically made for darker skin types. For very dark skin types, the best option is the Nd:YAG laser, as the beam's extra length will penetrate the hair follicles without affecting the skin pigment as much. Please see a professional electrologist to evaluate your skin & appropriate procedure just for your skin type.

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