Men’s Haircut| 2017| Easy Self Fade Tutorial| How To Self Fade Your Own Hair

Men’s Haircut| 2017| Easy Self Fade Tutorial| How To Self Fade Your Own Hair


Stop scrolling your facebooks and start trying new things


  1. I messed up so bad… but I'm a student and it's summer. Not as mad as I thought I would be, you live and learn

  2. does someone know which clipper is that? I want to do this

  3. “Just fookin do it…” lmao that had me rollin

  4. NEVER be a grilled cheese boy

  5. I don't like going to a professional to get my hair cut because I don't like people touching me, thank you for this.

  6. This guy rocks he actually gave me advice on how to eat a girls ass hahaha

  7. You make it look easier than it is

  8. You da man….keep those videos coming, thanks!

  9. Do you got a link to the shaver you are using?

  10. Can you grow your hair out a bit more (#3 or #4) and show how to fade it back down to a #1?

  11. Hey Biff, Where's Marty?

  12. Just tried a couple steps and came out icy check it out on my instagram @icycut

  13. I did this and it came out fucking perfect!!

  14. If you can't get it to look symmetrical, MOVE YOUR STUPID ASS EAR!

  15. Those are very expensive clippers I need me one of those

  16. fuck ! do a video of you doin some fuckin concrete or fuckin tellin us if you ever use dax wave and groom in your do!
    shit! make your own hair wax or some shit for fucks sake!

  17. where are your other videos ?????

  18. The MIZ is a barber now.

  19. Yo Joaquin. Just checkin on ya bro . ill still happily send you some clippers if you want ( for barber school). Id love to have a beer with you one day. Youre my favorite youtuber . thanks bro!!

  20. Fuck gentlemens cove!

  21. It all makes sense when you understand that society can shape you if you allow it. Brass tax is be the difference and don't let goofballs influence your taste and or decisions. You're better than you think

  22. Thanks for the video mate, you encouraged me to give me hair a go and it all worked out fine!!

  23. I do this once a week

  24. Yo this is to everyone who wants to try this but is too scared trust me I was at first but then I done it and it turned out better than I imagined just follow what he does and you will have a nice fade awesome video keep them coming g 💪

  25. the same bullshit over and over get more creative puto no te agas pendejo

  26. Great video man 👍🏼😎 you should maybe do like workout motivation videos. This is one of my favorite channels.

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