Men’s Haircut – How to Fade Hair – TheSalonGuy

Men’s Haircut – How to Fade Hair – TheSalonGuy


Please enjoy this faded buzz haircut I performed on model/singer Nick Madrid.
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  1. Still think a #2 original was and is best on most people

  2. My mom does my buzzcuts. HELP

  3. Umm… 2:24
    Why not fade the line it looks like a bowl cut

  4. What should I tell my barber if I want this cut?

  5. white people just camt look good with fades

  6. Just fucking cut your hair short

  7. He can't be serious wtf is that I fade better sleep

  8. Very nice fade! you seem like a very professional barber

  9. Yer a fucking douchebag in your comments dude. always complaining about lack of comments or views. pretty funny

  10. I can't do this on my own .. Ughh ….

  11. Nick didn't like the fade man
    Didn't blend the line

  12. great job! what is the music name?

  13. What would you recommend for one to do to grow out their hair? I normally get a haircut every 2 weeks and cut to a #1 all around. Any product recommendations, haircuts?

  14. nick is so cute!👀

  15. Man… He did not fade or blend that in at all… I can see his lines of demarcation super easy… Smh not good… (Shrugs) but to each his own.

  16. Hey Stephen! Could you please do a tutorial on Eminem's hair? The one where he bleached his hair blonde. It kinda looks like a buzzcut, but it also kinda doesn't look like one. Thanks!

  17. Noooo I saw this a long time ago but I never signed in to YouTube! Lol

  18. Love it!!! 👍🏼👍🏼

  19. I really like this buzz cut.

  20. This is a great buzz cut and it has inspired me to get another buzz cut after I haven't gotten a buzz cut for 2 years.

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