Men's Haircut Technique: Blending Shear Over Comb

Men's Haircut Technique: Blending Shear Over Comb


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Have you ever had a male client tell you “I love the texture of my hair about 12 days after you cut it”?

Executing the shear-over-comb technique utilizing a Blending Shear positioned with the blunt blade on the bottom will give your client the texture they are looking for when they walk out of the salon! End result is no hard lines – just soft texture!

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  1. ok but your not showing position comb is going

  2. extremely cleared lesson. no more questions. good job

  3. Can you do more men's hair cut videos especially for men who like longer on the sides, like a level 8 on the sides and blending the sides and top.

  4. I love the idea of the white comb on dark hair. The method was well explained. Great Job!

  5. Very useful, thanx a lot!!!!

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