Men’s Haircut Tutorial (Full Length) | Faux Hawk

Men’s Haircut Tutorial (Full Length) | Faux Hawk


Zak demonstrates how to cut a faux hawk hairstyle & style it.

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  1. I love this gay ! He is one of the best in tony&gay stylist


  3. This looks terrible, his hair was better before. You just made him look balder.

  4. Man.. I would've been tempted to just shave those ugly ass sideburns right off with some clippers. Sides would've looked much nicer with a low taper fade.

    Edit: If this was your cousin you better have cut his hair for free lmao there is hardly any difference before and after.

  5. I get it. That's also the same reason i liked frohawk hair

  6. best haircut for taking a girl on a date

  7. i ask this from barber and she butchers it everytime 🙂

  8. Pls turn the music down. I couldn't watch full video because it took so much effort to try and hear you over the distracting music.

  9. its versatile but hes a power bottom, how ironic.

  10. Use a razor for the sides and back dick head

  11. I didn't know it was called the fro hawk

  12. is that the stoner Shaggy from Scooby-Doo?

  13. The before was awesom, goes great with the soul patch

  14. the soul patch ?
    Someone take a raizor and shave that shiiit

  15. the early 2000s are over bro get rid of the soul patch

  16. great work but your hair is whack!

  17. I think he calls it a fro hawk because it stands up like a fro… Great work!

  18. He looks like the head stylist at the U.S.S Enterprise xD Long live and Oster!

  19. Fucking soul patch and faux hawk…Awesome!

  20. whats wrong with these people below, he's done a cool job with high technique man not everybody can do that!

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