Men's Hairstyle Tips & Advice : How to Slick Back Men's Hair

Men's Hairstyle Tips & Advice : How to Slick Back Men's Hair


Learn how to slick back men’s hair with expert hair care tips for men in this free grooming video clip.

Expert: Teri Lynne
Bio: Teri Lynne has worked as an event planner and host throughout Canada and the United States.
Filmmaker: Suzie Vigoin

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  1. I can grow my hair like this with hair products put in my hair

  2. Is this one yers worth of hair growth from a buzz cut ?

  3. Note entertained by the dudes face

  4. this helped alot i had no idea that you have to comme the hair back

  5. Anyone else notice how the creep shook his head no at the end when she said "there we have it"? Hahah

  6. This guy is one of the creepiest human beings I've ever seen.

  7. this is the most useless video

  8. This requires instructions? Sad commentary.

  9. When it dries, you're fucked. I'm growing my hair and it looks fine when it's wet/damp. But after it dries it rises. Looks like a fucking mushroom tbh

  10. for some reason he acts like a cat. xD ha

  11. It's the Gaius Baltar look!

  12. I don't know why somebody would need a tutorial for this. Slicking back your hair is like the easiest style in the world.

  13. Ok, this is an actual tip on how to achieve cool slicked back hair. Dry your hair until it's completely dry or just a tiny bit damp, then scoop a pea sized amount of styling wax, rub it into your fingers and run your fingers back through your hair, then use a bit of hair spray to hold it in place. I've been styling my hair like this for over a year now and it also works for shorter/medium length hair. I personally like to mess it up a bit at the back, it adds a more layered look to it.

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  15. im back now what……

  16. If I was the cameraman, i would have just thought how fucking pointless this is.. 

  17. He looks like a young Robert de Niro

  18. Gurl… how bout u slick back dat ass.

  19. expertvillage consistently has terrible videos

  20. skinny robert de niro

  21. Now he looks like a sexual predator. 

  22. Most pointless fucking video ever…

  23. wtf is this bull fkn shit

  24. Do u do happy endings?

  25. wierd, the same thing happened to me

  26. This guy is excited lol

  27. Fuck he had the right hair for it!!! Do that with an Asian!!! Expert village my ass

  28. lol, expert village are pretty shit.

  29. i think i did it wrong. my dick got stuck in the spray bottle

  30. ok, u think u r funny cause u copied that from another video
    but u r not

  31. this looks like the beginning of a porno

  32. Or you can go get sum tres flores or sum suavecito and save yourself all that time and trouble

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