Men’s Hairstyle Tutorial Male Model – How to

Men’s Hairstyle Tutorial Male Model – How to


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  1. Damn, you are as good as fine chocolate

  2. Okayy so this is crazy!! It took me two minutes to guess whom he exactly looks like
    And the answer is TOM CRUISE ❤❤❤Damn its awesome.

  3. Hi did you using shampoo & conditioner Everyday ? I love your Chanel is quite fun ! 😀

  4. Tutorial about how to be more like you and less like me please

  5. He's 30 and looks like this. I'm 28 and looks like a homeless kid.

  6. My hair is like his but i can’t look good

  7. I have wavy to curly hair 🙁

  8. BAM!! What fun. I don’t think anyone could watch this without walking away with a smile. What a great guy.

  9. Thank you, Jeremy. I'm now growing my hair to have identical haircut.

  10. Wum Bom bom bom WUM WUM WUM you are the boss of the hair so bomm bamm wumm

  11. smash your hair to the wall

  12. and this is why i wanna marry a german woman these genes are crazy
    (please dont argue with me germans have been know to have some of the best genes since world war 2 i remember a veteran said they would recognize germans by their strong muscular faces )

  13. I'm doing the BAM and BOOM right now and it's super effective! Thanks JF

  14. Woom woom woooom!!! Roger that 😂😂

  15. This dude is just showing off.
    Because he can

  16. Haha BAM! You’re a riot 😂

  17. Instructions unclear, smashing my head against the wall.

  18. Why I’m smiling while watching it …..????!!!!

  19. maybe, before have handsome face… obviously handsome guy…

  20. Oil missing… the heat kills your hair if you don't oil it before

  21. Y don't u trim the sides? Jzt get a good fade it will be awesome

  22. You are one good looking dude. Perfect hair perfect face etc.

  23. Jeremy you have to admit you have a gorgeous face and great hair. You have been blessed with looking like an Adonis.

  24. Can you tell me what haircut you get or a video with an explanation? How are they cutting your corners etc? More detail than just “gentlemen’s haircut”

  25. I'm watching this video just now and I knew one thing: BAM IS THE SECRET!

  26. Zoolander was completely cast so wrong… I'm having my moment right now.

  27. I'll try out your technique! My hair is so weak, doesn't stand at all without any product. 😂🙂 Thanks for the tutorial! ❤ #fragrancearmy

  28. Can you lay down after you’ve applied pomade? Like your bed, couch, etc?

  29. The "style" he has at 1.08 before he uses products is the exact style I'm looking for. How do I achieve that if I don't have exactly that fall naturally?

  30. Im loving that hair styling music

  31. Very interesting to watch your videos……

  32. quit the gel quit the fiber get some clay and Boom in need use hairspray

  33. I have thick hair and I get compliments that it's "great hair". But I swear I hate my hair cuz if I tried to style it like yours with that little amount of gel, it would fall down and be deflated in 5 minutes! Maybe it's my haircut that's bad or something. I wish I had your hair!


  35. why tf do you look like Tom Cruise in the thumbnail

  36. ur hair, what color ? please

  37. what if i don't have hair ?

  38. bbbbooooommmm! love it this sounds thanks for your tip 🙂

  39. 2 hours later… 😀

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