Men’s hairstyles 2 in 1 haircut . Hair inspiration.

Men’s hairstyles 2 in 1 haircut . Hair inspiration.


Men’s hair inspiration 2017 !
In this tutorial we show you how to get 2 hairstyles from one singel haircut Haircut & styling Kochi

Hi GUYS! We hope you all enjoyed this video! Please let us know what other videos you’d like for us to make.

Haricut : Kochi
Director : Sipel Faraj
Model : Oscar Ramstedt


  1. Such an amazing hair work! Wish I had a hairstylist like all you to cut my hair… Congratulations Kochi !!!

  2. Please, share pic' s from this haircut on Facebook…

  3. I think his face look like PewDiePie LOL

  4. The haircut + the models + the music and the style of your channel = EPIC!

  5. What do you call this hairstyle?

  6. hay algún producto que a mi pelo enrulado lo haga lacio

  7. please suggest a hair cut for round faces ….I am a big fan of your from India … please make a video on round faces haircut … please sir …!

  8. Can you do a video on beard care? The correct way to trim it and your thoughts and suggestions on beard oils.. please!

  9. i see you went to a wahl magic clip in cordless clippers from wahl i like the super taper it feels just like the walh seniors.. i dont know just my preference. good work kochi hopefully one day i can meet you in person love your work

  10. The second one makes him look like harry kane

  11. Súper tus cortes me encanta como cortas el cabello saludos desde mexico

  12. Kochi,your videos are always elegant indeed. I love them much.

  13. Song : Sasha PRimitive – Touch The Sky (Toly Braun Remix)

  14. I need to go Sweden now.

  15. Bellissimo lavoro come sempre d'altronde. 🙂 Nice work

  16. Lo que le aplica en el primer corte son talcos?

  17. Awesome cut and I must say the music add an amazing touch

  18. Hi, how are you? My name is Marcus, and you could put the subtitles of your videos in Portuguese. I'm Brazilian and I'm also a barber and I had a lot of fun with your videos and your work, okay. Thank you

  19. Perfect! Until I die, I wish my hair to be cut by Him!!

  20. i like hair style number 1, cause it's look nice and you can use your hands to maked that's style

  21. WoW very nice haircut today. Thank you Mister Kochi for this video

  22. Whats that white powder used? Why it is used

  23. I looks good because it is not such an extreme cut.

  24. what the fuck, the price for "mister pompadour" in German 112,00€ :/

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