Messy Fringe Hair Tutorial | Men’s Hairstyles 2015

Messy Fringe Hair Tutorial | Men’s Hairstyles 2015


What up guys! Thanks for checkin out this vid! If you have any questions or comments be sure to hit me up! As always thanks for your time and have a great one!

Hair Deets:
Top- 5 inches
Sides- Approx. 3-4 cm

Product Used: By Vilain Dynamite Clay

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Music: Meadowlark – Eyes Wide

Love you guys!
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Appreciate it!


  1. Until there's a giant guy of wind…

  2. Quick question when you blow dry your hair do you do it in cold or warm heat

  3. Damm suck to be me what. My hair is puffy and straight . I can’t make it like that (well I haven’t tried) I got use gel to make it stick there

  4. Can i do this if my hair is slightly shorter

  5. what my name is cameron too

  6. The song in your intro reminds me of Jenna and Julien!

  7. Bro, did you put you blow dryer on cold or heat?

  8. How long is your top and where is your part line?

  9. My hair is to thick for any hairstyles. I hate it.

  10. not a bad thing at all but you look a lot like rick moranis ! like I said not a bad thing , good vid

  11. 0:56 I thought he was going to say "and you need one more thing — and that is a blowjob."

  12. how long were the sides and back for this???

  13. 30 second ad about a Subaru for a fuckin messy hair tutorial

  14. Can you do a tutorial on messy korean hairstyle, something like the side swept that covers the forehead

  15. would this work for thin-ish hair or do i need to miracle thicken my hair to have any kind of good style?

  16. Does anyone do their hair like that? Because that is cool

  17. what to tell the barber to achieve this haircut?

  18. Does the Dynamite Clay work with thin hair????

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