Mirena Hair Loss (and hair growth after removal)

Mirena Hair Loss (and hair growth after removal)


If you feel strongly that you’ve had adverse reactions to your Mirena:
Call Bayer (the producer) at: 1-800-265-7382,
or email them at http://www.canada.medinfo@bayer.com.

You can also report adverse reactions to the Canada Vigilance Program: http://www.healthcanada.gc.ca/medeffect

I was prescribed Mirena around 3 months after the birth of my third child. ‘Confounding factors’ are often cited to women who have this IUD and are experiencing problems- recent pregnancy and postpartum are among ‘confounding factors’ (AKA other reasons your hair may be falling out). For me there was a very sudden and dramatic change in my body, and after ruling other potential factors out I was left with no doubt that I was experiencing side effects directly related to this IUD.

After having it removed my hair continued for the first 3-4 weeks. after that, it took another month for the hair to start growing back. It’s coming back slowly, but it is coming back!
So don’t lose hope.

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  1. I love that you end the video with paying it forward to other women about their hair loss 🙂 Warmed my heart. I'm getting my Mirena removed and I really hope my hair grows back!

  2. Im going through this right now and its so frustrating. I recently had this mirena inserted in June of this year and I didnt notice hair thinning until August-September. Its october and my hair is still falling out. I figured since I only had the mirena for 5 months, Im hoping that my hairloss will stop compared to those who had theirs for years. Ive done my research and I am pissed that my doctor didn't warn me about this at all. She only have me a paper stating all the side effects and hairloss was definitely not on there! I jad the copper IUD and it didnt work for me as well. I bled for more than 1 month. I think from now on, ill definitely stay away from any type of birth control and go natural. I regret Mirena but I know I have to be positive about it.

  3. Thank ya mama! This is exactly what I needed. Calling to make the appointment in the morning!

  4. I lost my hair my eyebrows my lashes last year it grew back. Then it's re started to fall out. I've had the mirena taken out. I hope it now grows back.

  5. You totally remind me of Tina Fey. That set aside this was very informational

  6. I have the iud an I'm lose my hair and moody and put on weight and a lot of blooding and it not my time of the month

  7. Mirena is the devil. My hair is falling out. Had to get an ultrasound so they can find the damn string. Can't wait to schedule my appointment to have this shit removed.

  8. I agreed I had lots of hair loss and dry damage hair and constant hormonal mood swings depression .it is awful..I am getting it removed.

  9. Hi Jane. I had the Mirena in for over three years. During the last two years, I started experiencing extreme fatigue. In the last few months before I decided to have it taken out, I was experiencing such extreme fatigue that I could barely stay awake or functional on a moment to moment basis during the day. Before I realised the Mirena was causing it, I thought I had developed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. My hair was also coming out by the handful every day. My scalp was constantly itching. My moods were terrible. What a nightmare!! I was terrified of getting pregnant, so I was reluctant at first to have it taken out. Then I realised I had no choice but to get it removed, for my health and sanity. I would honestly rather be celibate for the rest of my life than ever have it again, it was THAT bad ! I have had one period since having it removed, but a lot of the tiredness is still here, on and off. I know that the Progesterone in the IUD can create Oestrogen dominance . Do you know how long it might take for me to feel more normal ????!!

  10. I just had my IUD out last night. I had it for exactly 6 months and my hair had thinned A LOT. I hope the loss ends quickly, but from what I understand regrowth will happen, it just takes time!
    This video was very helpful!

  11. I had the Mirena in for one month and got it out 6 weeks ago. When did your hair loss stop? I'm still shedding like crazy.

  12. Your hair loss is due to having children. You say you got it put in after your last child. And then your hair fell out. That's just post partum!

  13. Thank you so much, doing the research now and going through the elimination process and this is one more answer to my mirena problem.

  14. I'm on the skyla iud and I noticed my hair was shedding so much! I started taking biotin and it definitely stopped the shedding significantly. If you're not sure about getting the iud taken out please try a biotin supplement to counter balance the shedding effect. When I stopped taking the biotin I noticed that with maybe 2 weeks the shedding came back. Currently I'm on hair skin and nails vitamins and it's been good. Despite the hair shedding I love the skyla, cramps are a bit of a b*tch but it could be worse. But I will definitely choose my hair over the skyla. I almost had it taken out because of the hair loss.

  15. I know that this video is over four years old, but I really appreciate you having made this video. I've had my Mirena IUD since March or April of this year and almost instantly noticed hair loss. I thought it was just due to stress as I was graduating in a couple months, but when it started coming out in large amounts, I knew something was up.

    I'm planning on telling my doctor that I want to get mine removed, 'cause I used to have super thick hair and it's really thinning out now. Thank you for sharing your story!

  16. I have MIRENA until 6 months. I have been losing my hair for the last months at the same places as you. I just removed it by my self and it was easy.Thanks for your video 😀

  17. I have had this problem to its been 7 years and my hair is supper thin and I have bald were u can see my head and I removed it a year ago and got pregnant and my hair was regrow ingredients new hair and getting thicker and now I have put it back on its been 4 months and my hair is back to thin again and got alot of hair falling and I'm back were I have had it before when I got pregnant it's so sad what I'm going though that now I'm going to have a prp injection treatment done soon it helps regrow new hair fast and have it thicker in 6 months I will have full hair again but I'm going to take the Mirena out asap…thank u for sharing now I know I'm not the only one suffering of hair loss

  18. wow, thank you so much for posting this! my hair line is thinning as well after having the mirena in for about a yr and a half. I noticed that more of my hair was increasingly falling out, but my dr. keeps insisting it's not the mirena and told me to try rogain! I am definitely scheduling to have it removed asap. I'm sad to see it go cos it did eliminate my periods, but I'd rather have hair! I hope it's not too late for my hair to grow back. I've been stressing about it so much especially cos i've been getting more greys now along with the hair loss! thank you so much again! my dr. made me think i was delusional!

  19. Hello can anyone tell me how long their hair falling out lasted for and if/when it grew back?

  20. Thanks very much for making the real vedio
    I have mirena for a month n few days I started noticing side effects within a week oh ok I never had hair loss my hair are not super great but I had healthy hair as soon as I got on mirena it wrecked me up! Seriously bunches of hair would come off in shower during combing and obviously it stopped my weight loss regimen I'm stuck to same pounds so yea stop getting fooled never go for Mirena it's a nightmare
    Cramps irregular bleeding migraines are top side effects I'm getting it removed on my first check up of it this is the amount of satisfaction I got from mirenA!
    Stop never insert mirena love urself ladieS ❤️

  21. I have had the mirena in since Febuarary and I have also been experiencing a crazy amount of hair loss. I'm talking chucks at a time!

  22. Hey Guys, thanks for watching! I hope you haven't gone through Mirena side effects, but if you have there's also a documentary currently in the works addressing what a serious issue this is for so many women. If you want to watch the trailer and/or support the film you can do that here: https://t.co/G88N4Xczgy

  23. Was your hair falling out with the bulbs still attached? I've had the mirena for a year and I've noticed that about half of my head of hair has fallen out and my scalp has become increasingly sensitive whenever I put my hair up, I can almost feel the hairs being pulled out. all of the hairs that are falling out still have the bulbs attached and I cannot think of anything else that could be causing it. I'm worried that the hair wont grow back

  24. +Jane Barkley I am so sorry for your hair loss. Stay Healthy and Stay Strong

  25. Learn how one medical researcher and former hair-loss sufferer is helping both men and women to

  26. Do you use a shampoo for hair re-growth?

  27. Hi.. I have had the Mirena put in Aug 28 2014 and since then I haven't had any bleeding or any cramping… But I did have mood swings and have hairloss and when I say it..I mean bald spot more than10-15 ranging in all different sizes.. I had multiple.injections into my scalp, all kinds of bloodwork, change of diet, biotin, and barely.washed my hair more.than 3x a week.. I had below.the bra strap length and I cut my hair short to lighten up.the weight. I havent brushed my hair in months I use a pick.. I am a LPN and done home remedies and still try everything!! I cry at night after getting out of shower after losing strands.. I had the Mirena removed July 1st 2015 and its still coming out…….
    I am praying for hairgrowth soon because my back of my head, sides, and crown are either thinning tremendous and with bald spots. Iwish I could take a pic to post… its very disturbing… thanks to my great boyfriend and family for all the support.. Also thank you Jane for posting this video!! I heart you!!

  28. I know what you mean. I had bleeding prior to having the IUD inserted and this was our only option at the moment because the pills that contain the hormone in the IUD itself were not working. I had bleeding after the IUD and my cramping was so bad that since I cannot take advil, motrin, aleve or anything in that family my only choice was Hydrocodone. I never got hooked on the medicine thank goodness but I am still wondering if this is worth it. This is supposed to be a temporary thing until I can take the pill again (whole other story) but the hair loss and itchy scalp is killing me.

  29. I've had the Mirena removed in January 2015 and we're now in the summer and am noticing some hair re-growth. I can even sometimes feel my scalp tingling for no reason, and I'd like to think it's hair regrowth 🙂 I have thin hair anyway so you can imagine how limp and lifeless my "do" has become these past 4 years. Funny thing is no one believed me when I said this IUD was wreaking havoc on me, not the doctors, and not my husband. It was horrible. They said my hair thinning/hair loss was because I was getting older and that's just what happens. What?? LADIES, WE KNOW OUR BODY BEST! I had it in for 4 years and suffered too much- pH imbalance, spotting throughout the months, hair loss, and weight gain… it's just been awful. Before Mirena, I was on the copper IUD and bled so much it actually fell out on its own. Anyway, it's been 6 months since the Mirena removal and I'm NOT going on birth control ever again. It's unnatural, and if we decide on no more babies, he's going in for a vasectomy, and that's that.

  30. Had the mirena in for 7 months and didn't fully realize the extent of my hair loss until about 6 months in (I had A LOT of hair and noticed breakage at first … Thought it was my hair products). Then it hit me all at once when I started looking at past photos. Pieced together that when I got the mirena IUD in is when my hair changes started (about a month after insertion). I had SO many other side effects too that I didn't realize were tied to the mirena until I had it removed! Best decision I ever made. 6 months post removal and my hair is starting to get back to normal. It's discouraging and stressful. The first 6 months post removal were a bit up and down and what I learned to be the "mirena crash" where things get worse before they get better. Don't lose hope! Your hair will stop falling out and slowly return to normal. Mirena wreaks havoc on your thyroid .., what an evil device! Plus I lost my sex drive on it — what the hell is the point of it then? 😉

  31. I have had the Mirena IUD for almost a year now:(, two months after I had this IUD placement I started to loose my hair mainly on my sides:,(………. I thought it was other possible causes but then I started to read and inform myself that it could the Mirena! Months after and lots of embarrassing hair loss and trying every possible natural hair growth treatments including taking biotin it still did not help. At one point I saw my hair grow a bit, but then it started falling again. I am convinced that the cause of my hair loss is due to the Mirena IUD placement as I never before had any problems with hair loss and weight gain.  

  32. How long did it actually take for it to stop falling out after removal? I had mine out almost 2 weeks ago and its still coming out in handfuls! Ive been using nutri ox. I don't want go bald :((

  33. ha forgot im posting this on my husbands account

  34. omg so glad i came across your post! I had mirena coil fitted  2years ago not for contraception but for very heavy bleeding and that cleared up very soon after. But this last 6months my hair line around my temples is terrible!! Feel like my scalp and my part line is so bare now!! The rest of my har at the back of my head is still good but ive been getting really depressed about the front wondering how the hell im going to style my hair as  i get older because the hair line is reseeding so much and my fringe looks so thin!!!! This is getting removed as soon as i can!

  35. Ladies, you don't have to keep suffering. There are ways to get over all the unbearable side effects from mirena, but almost all doctors are not aware of them. Mirena is a huge source of profit and they will never tell you it's bad for you. I recommend doing The Mirena Detox Program by Rose Vitalis. It has personally helped me lose all the weight I gained after mirena and helped me feel normal again. This video will explain everything in great detail: Mirena, Weight Gain & Other Mirena Side Effects – MirenaDetox.com

  36. I'm suffering from severe hairloss as well. I had the Mirena first put in, in 2006 then in 2009 between the birth of our two daughters. Lots of balding and receding hairline issues. Hair is so see through on top. Fed up! Got an appointment in two weeks for the Paraguard to replace the Mirena! I feel like my hair pores closed up. I'm really worried…I hope my hair grows back..

  37. Is it a bad idea to remove it on my own?

  38. You are able to regrow your thinning hair or heal your baldness totally by prevent the creation of Dihydrotestosterone (the hormone which cause hairloss)

  39. I am on my third mirena – I was originally on the copper IUD which was fine, but was told about the Mirena and thought wow! No bleeding? Sounds good. However, I then got into a panic that I might be pregnant as I had no periods to prove otherwise, so returned to the copper. I then suffered over 12 months of almost continuous bleeding and was told that going back on the Mirena would sort it out. Which it did; I can't fault it.
    However – the hair loss. I have always had incredibly thick hair, so when it started to seem limp and thin, I wondered if it was just that I had been on antibiotics — I do not know if the Mirena causes more UTI's, but I was suffering repeated UTI's, so was on antibiotics, which can show in your hair after a while. I do however remember the year I was back on the copper IUD that my hair returned to its normal thickness. I also know thinning hair can be caused by other factors, so I did not think it was the Mirena. Only a few weeks ago I was wondering if the Mirena caused abnormal discharge, and came across comments that it did cause some people to lose hair. So now I have to wonder. I had my first Mirena in 2006, I think, and I have a passport photo from the year before, 2005. I have lost fully half of my hair density in that time. It's incredibly depressing, and to some-one who always battled with and got teased about my thick hair, it is pretty awful. I have an appointment with my female doctor about the Mirena in a few days, and though it will focus more on other side-effects – which are painful, I will mention it.

  40. I have had the Mirena in for about 7 months and I didn't really notice the hair loss it was gradual and it occurred in the front of my forehead so it became very noticeable when I went thru some stressful situations and then bang about three very patchy bald spots. Plus I became moody, emotional my periods seemed to lighten up. I also experienced very painful period pain which just crippled me at times and I experienced a bit of a raise in temperature. I have been using Aloe vera hair masks and Rosemary/ Sage tea rinses to help as a inflammatory and it actually does help however the underlining issue here is that I will be getting this evil little device out. Previously before this hormonal device was put in i had the copper one which was working perfectly fine for about 10 years would you believe. Now I dont know what to do with child prevention other than put another one of these terrible devices back in but the copper kind. They are horrible to put in and cause pain. I will be getting this thing out asap!!! Condoms maybe lol however if your thinking about using this device think twice you only have to see on here how many women have been affected I wish I could sue the pants off these medical pharmaceutical organisations for allowing this rubbish to be put on the shelves makes me mad…. Dulp I mean moody and hormonal 🙂

  41. i have had the mirena for 5 months and my hair started falling out in month  4 and has not let up. its coming out in gobs. going to get it removed asap~!!!!!!!

  42. I also experienced hair loss with the Mirena.  My doctor didn't believe me when I would tell him that I felt it was due to the Mirena.   I had this for 3 years and finally just said take it out.  It wasn't until maybe a year later that he told me he had started reading literature about the correlation with hair loss.   My hair did stop falling out but it has never been the same.   I've been without the Mirena or ANY birth control for about 5 years now.   Again, I used to have alot of hair, thin hair, but alot.   Not anymore.   It has never grown back completely and I really hate that.   

  43. Thanks for your video, I'm getting it removed earlier than my end date. I'm going to writ to mirena and ask my doctor why the copper option was not even brought up in our initial meeting.

  44. I'm in my last year of the mirena and I've heard more than once that my " body is just going through a change" in response to my hair loss over the past four years. I lose a lot of hair, every morning– I hate showering because I have to look at it when I brush and style, let alone in the shower. I'm fortunate to have had thick hair however it also masked the major issue. Ive got a bald spot on my crown and can see every part/callick. It's super tragic, praying it will grow back

  45. Dammit, wth is going on. It's not letting me post the whole comment! Anyhow…bearly using any hair products and still NOTHIING!! I was thinking about scheduling an appt with my doctor, now I'm starting to wonder if it's even worth it. Anybody else have a similar occurrence? Your thoughts are greatly appreciated.

  46. …I am late 30s and I'm praying to God that all of this hair that is falling out will grow back! I have tried taking vitamins, eating clean, not coloring, bearly using any

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