Moms- How to cut curly hair- Kids haircut

Moms- How to cut curly hair- Kids haircut


watch another great video by Julie:

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Created and Produced by: Tiana Griego
Stylist: Julie Honohan
Model: Riley Honohan
Products used:
Fresh curls shampoo from Redkin
Fresh curls refiner from Redkin
Curl Wise #14 redkin
Bio Silk for kids spray in detangler

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  1. thank you my daughter hair really clury i aint know what to put in it

  2. I used this tutorial to cut my daughter's hair, and it turned out wonderfully! I cut it shorter than in the video, but used the same technique. Here's the before and after picture:

  3. do you have a tutorial for long wavy hair. my daughters hair is between her hiney and knees. I do not want to cut more than 5 inches.

  4. thanks that was the best tutorial on here for cutting curly hair. could you please do a tutorial for cutting a boys curly hair please but am going to give this tutorial a shot on my son 🙂

  5. I realy like curly hairi have wavy hair

  6. Just cut my husbands hair after watching this 🙂 thanks

  7. My curly hair shrinks up like ten inches :/ lol

  8. What's the white part in her hair

  9. Just wanted to give feedback. While showing hair cut, every where I can see black colour around. Hair black, T-shirt is also black, if it would have been some light colour, then if would have been great to watch this video………………..

  10. My curly clients are all kids.

  11. also…just heard you talk about the triangle shape…..we call it mushroom head !! lol…no matter what hair cut I get, it always looks like a mushroom….

  12. Please make a video on how to cut hair for adults…..I've never had a descent hair cut EVER….for my curly hair so I end up either straightening it to match the cut or in a ponytail…..

  13. I had her hair! Even though i hated it, now i have my hair longer.

  14. Anyone else hear coldplay in the background? 🙂

  15. Great video! And more useful too!

  16. You need to visit Richmond! You understand my hair type! TO A TEE! I need to show this video for my next hair cut. Do you know how to grow hair out faster or just healthier in general?

  17. i wish you can cut my daughter's hair, she doesn't have tight curls, she have wavy loose curls. I don't even know where to start with it.

  18. @belhits3lizab3th dude we all had that problem, but then one day u just stop trying to fight that bitch and you learn to take control of her. Just because straight hair is made out to be the best hair its not. as long as your hair is healthy then its pretty. I'm sure a nice haircut and learning how to use products will make u appreciate yourself more<3 get informed:D

  19. @videohairstyles do you have any ideas for a short cut which can be worn either naturally curly (I am about 3B on the curly girl scale) or can also be blown out and flatironed. I would like to go very short in back with more length on top for some versatility. I don't know how to describe if/when i go to a salon and cannot find any pictures of short short curly hair. I hope you can help! Thanks

  20. I'm so happy that you dont cut it horisontally! So many hairdressers do that!

  21. @83papple hair mousse works really good for us with curly hair. I have several friends with curly hair who's got curly hair. I have however noticed that if I use leave in conditioner in my hair I often dont have to use any other products like mousse at all. And the best part is that when I use the leave in conditioner my curls are still really bouncy and not "hard" (you probably know what I mean). I use the sunsilk brand. Their mousse for curly hair as well!

  22. i have finally understood…the fresh curl a kind of conditioner not a oil or gel?people told me that i should use the wax or things like that to make not frizz.cause my hair are thick also..BTW thank you so much! then are you listening to jeff buckley?!! twice times this video is just cool!thank you!!

  23. That's cool. That's what my (long time) hair cuter does. It's cool to see it this way. Thanks.

  24. great thanks for this video xx

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