My Daughter’s Natural Hair Regimen, Toddlers Healthy Hair Care Wash Day Routine!

My Daughter’s Natural Hair Regimen, Toddlers Healthy Hair Care Wash Day Routine!


(By Request) I am showing how my daughter’s hair is cared for. Just as with my hair i try to keep her hair in the best condition. Hair care for an 19month old. I vowed to NEVER relax her hair. Sure, it takes time and effort, but it’s well worth her having healthy hair.

Products used:
Beemine Conditioner, leave-in, moisturizer
Shea Moistures Shampoo

Bee Mine Products


  1. this is so sweet I grew up mixed in an all white familty and well i feel a bit jealous but honestly my Mom did her best and this is just heart warming to see children being taught self love so early <3

  2. love the video very helpful 🌟🌟🌟

  3. I think you'd get more views if you get to the point Not many people feel like sitting through all the extra talking

  4. I love the little Dancy dance in the beginning of the video made me smile in laugh

  5. What is the hair milk name??? I could not catch the brand.

  6. She is so cute.. Great job momma. Thank you for your tips

  7. Lol you guys are adorable thank you for your videos i injoyed it!!! smooches.

  8. my daughter's name is Kennedy as well she dont sit still either

  9. Hi. When did you start adding products to your daughter's hair? I have a 9 month old and I'm still just using coconut oil.

  10. that,s a pretty baby you have she look like Disney Princess tiana

  11. Beautiful! And those cheeks. Thx for sharing your sweet pumpkin. 💕

  12. She so is so freaking adorable and cute

  13. Your little girl is soooo cuteee

  14. lord u done stole somebody baby

  15. Your baby is too and in it don't talk soon much that why I have too skip some

  16. Your baby is so cute im glade i found you I gotta do something about my younger sis hair its so unmanageable a flat iron wont help but ill try the be mine hair care line and see if that helps. 
    Blizzards of love

  17. I love the matching hair wrap!

  18. What about the brush?  What's the name of it?  Thanks.

  19. My hair grows like that too

  20. Mother and daughter so pretty

  21. Aww she's a pretty lil lady! I don't have a daughter(I have a boy), but when I do get my girl I will most definitely have her on the natural route with me. What is her hair type mine is similar, I'm six months natural and counting. I love all your of your videos!

  22. This was extremely helpful. Planning on buying the products mentioned.

  23. Can you do an update routine for her?

  24. She is so cute and you are cute thanks
    Merry Christmas

  25. Where woukd you get the bee products? Im really interesred in trying them on my daughter

  26. Aw my daughters name is kennedi also

  27. Okay I went looking for that brush. What is it called ? I thought you said dimming.

  28. Hi im theresa mom how do I to get her hair long and what I should us

  29. HI, How often do you wash her hair? 

  30. I enjoyed the video. My daughter is 11 months old and her little hair is so dry. I think these products would work on my son as well but what is the name of the brush you mentioned in the video? Thanks

  31. Your daughter Kennedy is an absolutely adorable child!    

  32. Awww I love you interact with her. You guys are adorbs!

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