My Worst Haircut Ever | Can It Be Fixed!? 😳

My Worst Haircut Ever | Can It Be Fixed!? 😳


My worst haircut ever. The barber didn’t listen to me and went rogue on my hair. One side of my hair has been faded, the other side has a high disconnected undercut. Can my hairstyle be fixed!? Have you had a bad men’s haircut and men’s hairstyle? Let me know in the comments!

Shout out to Dom at AONO for getting in on my hair to help.
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  1. So, I had my worst haircut ever.
    Thank you to Dom for sorting this out! 🙏🏼
    To be clear, Dom did not do the original cut, that was done by a barber that will not be named. Dom fixed it for me!

  2. If Arthur Shelby had a son It would be you

  3. Be more worried about that paedo tash

  4. Dude i love that moustache it suits you but i think you would look better if you shaved it off. If you don’t want to shave it off grow a beard i think it might look better if you had a beard with it

  5. im a barber and i can say for a fact that the barber who apparently fixed ur hair is just as bad, that 0 was not faded, he could have easily faded the long hair at the back to make it loook alot more cleaner, the shape up ur barber did was terrible, both the barbers you went to are terrible sorry

  6. That first guy did you dirty your regular barber did amazing moral of the story is if you’re not changing barbers don’t go to someone else

  7. From a third perspective you look exactly the same. This is a very subjective topic so dont be too emotional about it.

  8. I had the same thing happening to me once, but in my case she cut off even more towards the center of my head. With the length my hair had at that time, it took me about one year to grow it out. After a few weeks I was at least able to hide it, but until then I felt really bad walking around …

  9. It all looks good but yea…don't do that again.

  10. His musquash is as majestical as a flamingo. Hahaha

  11. This just happened to me. Cut my hair with a different barber (cheated on my barber) and ended up with the EXACT same problem. I asked for a fade and I ended up getting a 1 all around and going up and cutting a lot of my top hair. Thank god I reached out to an old barber who use to cut my hair for like 3-4 years and he fixed me up. Worst feeling ever.

  12. I was so you 20 years ago.
    Now i'm just happy to still have some hair left at the great age of 47.
    Video did take me down memory lane.
    Keep making these great videos. Your taking years of me. lol

  13. Yo! I recently moved and I went to a barber and this exactly happened to me! I just sort of dealt with it and wore a hat and let it grow out a bit. Hopefully, it's now long enough to fix properly. (It's been 3 weeks)

  14. Nothing gets me more heated or ruins my day than a bad haircut. So glad I finally found a good barber after years of searching.

  15. It’s not as bad as the one I got from lady Jane’s lol. One side was completely uneven. Needles to say I never cheated on my barber ever again lol.

  16. This looks pretty good in the end in comparison to what youve got now IMHO

  17. 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  18. this literally just happened to me

  19. Lol, pretty much half an undercut

  20. Was your barber by any chance Asian? Cause that’s pretty typical for an Asian haircut even though that’s pretty bad even for me to see.

  21. I make you right, some barbers charge £40 for a haircut which sometimes really isn't worth the money

  22. Lesson learned….Don’t cheat on your barber

  23. Are you sure you didn't attempt to cut your own hair and messed it up, but made up the story of someone else giving you a bad haircut? I don't think a barber could have messed your hair up THAT bad, it seems unreal

  24. Half a mohawk!! Been there ! More than a few times Goodluck thanks for the video

  25. we have the same haircut . hahaha hi from Philippines 🙋

  26. You look like a catfish as in the animal

  27. Nearly like me !! 😰😰😢😂😂😂😂

  28. Least you got a good video out of it.

  29. Remove your mustache you *** cause you look the worst

  30. I have this problem always, like they are not listening to me when I tel them how I want my hair. I have been at so manny barbershops all different kinds, different nationalities and all. And I really think they just do as they been thought on school instead of actually listening to the client. And the haircut that I want is not even that hard in my eyes, the top has to have a length that I can have spikes and the sides as short as possible with out seeing the skin best is a number 2. Don’t want a fade. Just want the hair on top that goes up as spikes to be one length and the hair that won’t be touched by product to be one length. I want that they do the sides and the back short and follow the hairline from the front. But They always cut one side way higher then the other side which is terrible because they just trimmed a part of the hair that had to stay long to go up as spikes. And then I have to wait a couple of months again to let it grow back to the same length as the hair on top. And then when it is as long as the rest the same will happen and that’s the story of my hair cut. I have been busy for 6 years now. And still no barber founded. I had like 20+ barbers in that time

  31. I hate it when you ask for a certain hairstyle, then they cut it all down, and tell you that you'll grow into it.

  32. The same “shave off the side” happen to me about a week ago,I find it better to just stick with you regular barber that knows what you want. Great video!

  33. Imagine if the second guy messed it up even more. 😂

  34. Does having a close shave on the sides and long hair on top look bad? That’s how I do my hair lol😬

  35. I had the same issue, mine is just worst, because its not just the other side. Its BOTH sides, I cant get rid of it cause the cut is too high.

  36. The barbers reaction @ 3:15
    "Yup. That's what you get for cheating on me!".

  37. What should I ask for to get this cut

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