NEW HAIR + Hair Care Routine for Healthy Hair | ilikeweylie

NEW HAIR + Hair Care Routine for Healthy Hair | ilikeweylie


So many of you asked about my new hair on Instagram, so I thought I’d share with you guys my color & cut 🙂 Follow me on instagram- @weylie!

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H A I R – P R O D U C T S
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Moroccan Oil | Light Formula
LUSH Shampoo Bar | Jason & The Argan Oil
LUSH Conditioner | American Cream
Bumble & Bumble | Invisible Hair Oil Primer

Nature’s Bounty Biotin Strawberry Gummies
Lil Critters Gummy Vites Multi-Vitamins


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Hey girl hey!
I’m Weylie, welcome to my channel!
I’m the sister you never had…..or the sister you never wanted. Haha
My videos consist of hair, beauty, advice, and anything random…really.

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  1. what salon did you go to? Looking for something in the bay area

  2. Argan Life natural shampoo works really well. It nourishes the hair, adds texture and leaves with pleasant aroma. The best thing is you do not need to use much to feel the softness immediately. You can find it in Google

  3. I tried washing my hair only twice a week for 5 months straight. I just took the plunge & jumped right into it. My scalp was forever really itchy & I would get painful scalp pimples. I then got the Jason Cosmetics Dandruff Shampoo to use daily since it has no sulfates & naturally derived dandruff fighting ingredients & my scalp has never felt better & my hair is actually really smooth without being weighed down by heavy waxes like Head & Shoulders can do to me sometimes.

  4. Your hair is so beautiful

  5. what are you using for styling your hair to achieve that messy, beachy look?

  6. I have a good amount of expe rience using hair loss products/doing resea rch and argan life natural sham poo seems to be a winner so far. Other than stopping the fallout, argan life product also makes my hair look awesome.

  7. PLEASE PLEASE do a video about your current hair color and errthang…A sista needs to know how it looks so good. LAHVE YOUUU @ilikeweylie

  8. Thanks so much for the tips! What you just told me, they don't tell me that stuff at the stores -_-

  9. I use American Cream! It is amazing 🙂

  10. hahaha you are so cute!! love your videos <3

  11. Where did you get your hair done?

  12. Haha awww, I also take gummies!! 😀

  13. Love the way you give out Tips on cosmetics and cooking thank you so much

  14. You look so cute without your makeup! especially without false lashes ;]

  15. I'm really shocked how you get 4 days without washing your hair… but I ready an Article and they say Brazilians (like me) take more showers than anyone in the world. I actually wash my hair twice a day and here we wash daily our hair heheh I wish my hair wasn't so oily that I could stand a couple days without washing it T_T Love your videos and you are beautiful with the new haircut!

  16. How do you curl your hair??

  17. It's like so amazing to me that some girls don't have to wash their hair everyday and not have dandruff problems! 🙁 My hair gets so oily and I start spotting dandruff by the 2nd day afternoon…WHYYYYYY oh whyyyy 🙁 Anyone has the same problem? Weylie do you ever have to deal with dandruff or anyone has any remedies… ><

  18. You are pretty, the video is great, but your voice makes me want to die.

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