Patriots Day

Patriots Day


Based upon the dramatic real-life manhunt for the Boston Marathon bombers, this powerful action-thriller follows Police Sergeant Tommy Saunders (Mark Wahlberg) as he joins brave survivors, first responders, and investigators in a race against time to find the bombers before they strike again. Directed by Peter Berg (LONE SURVIVOR) and featuring a stellar cast, PATRIOTS DAY is a stirring tribute to the Boston community’s strength and courage in the face of adversity.

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  1. literally remember this day like it was yesterday

  2. I know the young met brother did bad things but he is kinda funny

    “Do you have Bluetooth in this car? Maybe we could play some music”

    “Do you want something to eat?”

  3. With Holy God as my witness, Boston had pyrotechnics, not bombs. It was staged 100% and they went to very little trouble to hide it. Only recently did they take down the 209 videos showing men carrying away the pyro tube, a man carrying off a smoke machine. Victims that were supposed to be desperately injured, made to get up and move to different areas. I saw it all. No back packs exploded, period. Eyewitnesses saw what looked like trash cans. They described what is known as a dust bomb used in combat reenactment. I say this with 1000% certainty. Now, blast away at me , knowing absolutely nothing about the event,

  4. 1:21:48 DAmN, this Asian guy is a real hero.

  5. I watch this love every birthday, just to remind me how stroking we are as Americans, and just how fortunate I am to be alive and safe

  6. April 15th 2019 is Boston Marathon day and the day of the Boston Marathon bombings.

  7. why did you tube disable the comments for this and Pepperment and Mile22 not a
    movie like this?
    because it talks about a corrupt and murderous system?

  8. a 3k musulmanes no les gusto esta movie

  9. Easter Egg! The real Dun Meng is at 1:04:34

  10. I do not know why they killed a police

  11. I bought this recently and it says age restriction so I can’t watch it I paid 13 bucks to watch it and I cannot get a hold of YouTube because how fuck up there System is.

  12. Boston is full of weak people and liberal democrat government, sad. Glad I live in Texas where this doesn't happen and the people work with government not rely on it. The event is reason and need for conservative republicans running the show. Praise the USA constitution, Trump, and freedom.

  13. Such a moving movie I love it

  14. If you fast forward the moral equivalency terrorist empathy bs and propaganda, the rest of it is excellently done.

  15. #bostonstrong wow i had no idea this happen i want to sit here and cry this movie was great THANK U FOR YOUR SERVICE GOD bless us all

  16. Congratulations Boston. 2018 World Champs.

  17. I hope they botch the bomber's execution horribly and his death is slow and agonizing.

  18. That girl in the science lab is from to all the boys I loved

  19. I really want to know why the police commissioner shows up at Harold's apartment.

  20. Dun Meng deserves a Medal of Honor. He's an underappreciated hero in the Boston Marathon bombing and he probably single handedly prevented Times Square from suffering the same fate.

  21. I payed for the movie and didn't even get the movie

  22. $10 🙁 I just want to stream it ! $3 is more like it!

  23. Tell Mark Wahlberg the guy who almost beat a guy to death that he is not the representative of Boston. Tell him we don't want his scamburgers here! We are sick of this guy ripping us off and doing nothing but be stupid. He does not represent Boston. Know that.

  24. Goddamn that was intense during Watertown

  25. the thing that upset me the most is not one person just smaked him in the face as hard as possible multiple times and im happy he ran over his own brother the stupid fuck got what he deserved and im happy in the movie (hopefully irl too) hes wife saw her husband torn the fuck up cause pls she knew exactly waht was up her and her lawyer upset cause the movie "portrayed her wrong" bitch stfu if there is a hell i hope they are getting their dicks chopped off for enternity.

  26. sooooo can someone tell me how in the hell the officers knew he was 8 years old at the time of the bombing?… his parents were no where to be found….. soooooo yea…

  27. I paid $10 to watch this well worth it💯🇺🇸

  28. This is a good movie based on true story, and at the toward the end of the movie, I recognized some of the discussion we, CBS 12 Radio Station-moderator, made during the event.

    We used google map to locate a terrorist or Boston bomber, where he left off on foot, luckily we had information the exact street location to track him to the white boat and and the Boston Police did brilliant job with the information given.

    Unfortunately, the aftermath has been a total nightmare for me, even with other major cases that I was involved.

    Some of the individuals-best description is, "Con Artists," are often causes confusion with the communication line within the State of Alaska.

    But, still residing at the village of Newtok, Alaska, and beginning to notice some of the individuals here at the village of Newtok, Alaska tends to overact with the certain subjects.

    I am the one who made a phone call to CBS 12-Radio Station using the pay phone at the Newtok Native Corporation.

    Paul Lincoln(John)-Late Gunnery Sargeant Charles Cunningham's Private Investigator, Anchorage Police Deparment

  29. It’s funny how stupid the two guys were to believe they were helping their country by hurting ours, but they ended up making millions hate their people

  30. I think the Boston bombing is worse than 9/11

  31. This is our fucking city.

  32. Boston has several excellent hospitals-one reason help got to the injured so quickly was that volunteer doctors and nurses were set up at the finish line to deal with dehydration or heat exhaustion. Even soother wasn't a single operating room available for over a week-all of them were working 7/24to deal with the horrible injuries "flash-bang'and "speed bump' caused!Both of them were "refugees", by the way, in the on country grants and student visasFor people supposedly fear of their lives at home, they felt strangely comfortable going back for "visits."

  33. 😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😿

  34. I despise the govt 4 letting animals into our country who hate us
    god bless Boston
    god bless America

  35. I can't watch this movie cuz I'm too young

  36. very good movie , Mark Walberg at his finest

  37. I sawed this movie it's so sad 😭 I recommend this movie to all of you it's based in a true story

  38. rented the movie..{$2 blue ray at Red Box Youtube!}. Unbelievably Rotten Tomatoes gives it 80%…it's an hour of getting to know victims, cops, perps their brothers, lovers, sisters, kids and cousins. It's 5 min bombs, blood and gore, 5 min police shoot out, and the rest is talking. Lots and lots of talking.

  39. A movie based on a false flag and government terrorism. How easy it is fool the American people.

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