Short Haircut For Women

Short Haircut For Women


Here you can find short haircut for women, created with graduation technique and disconnection in the crown

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  1. Can i ask u guys how long you leave yourselves for a cut and blowdry when in the salon. My boss ate me alive for me asking to give me a hour for a restyle. I think its nessacry when going from complete long to short or doing something quiet intricate detail etc i hate my work to be rushed i like my clients to feel happy and relaxed and i like to take pride in my work i felt insulted when she was only giving me 30mins for a full restyle.

  2. How do you decide if you cut the hair in the back at an angle or 90 degrees or 0 degrees?

  3. so, what do you tell the hairdresser you want when describing this haircut?

  4. Only beautiful work comes out of this guys hands love this one 2 flawless and no nonsense 👌

  5. super c0ol love from Pakistan 💚

  6. Quality…… A Master At Work

  7. No me gustó nada el corte,la chica tiene el cuello muy alto y con este corte parece Jirafa

  8. I love ur haircut and background music

  9. I love to watch your videos , but can you make it step by step ? , im a fan btw 😎 sendin you hugs 😀

  10. Вы просто молодец !!

  11. This time in my languaje spanish GENIO!!! Big hug from Argentina to Odessa

  12. nice hair cut, learned alot. thanks, keep sharing.

  13. Ни у кого на ютубе не вижу стрижку "дебют". Кто знает где искать?

  14. Смотрю и восхищаюсь вашей работой , хотелось и мне попасть в ваши умелые руки

  15. Awesome…. hair cut.. ..🖒🖒🖒

  16. bayiliyorum sizin bu kesimlerinize

  17. Lindo corte y muy profesional me encantó graciasss

  18. I like this technique.. so helpful ✌👍

  19. love this haircut , perfection !

  20. seneng banget….jadi bisa expresikan gaya rambut…😊

  21. Крутяк! Я не совсем поняла.Штопкой выбрали прядки и срезали их совсем при текстуровании???

  22. Müzikzevkinizetukiriyim

  23. какие красивые стрижки просто слов нету

  24. Хорошая работа,у Вас хороший оператор!

  25. очень понятно все показано! и результат отличный. будем другие изучать видео)

  26. YOU ARE SO ARTISTIC!! 😀 for the new generations..

  27. awesome learn some way new thanks for keep sharing the skills every week ,I learned a lot technic form you. big thanks

  28. hey there..where's your salon

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