Short Haircuts for Older Women 2018

Short Haircuts for Older Women 2018


Short Haircuts for Older Women 2018

In this video you will see a collection of 30-40 Short Haircuts for Older Women images with short hair.

In this video gallery, I share my favorite collection of Short Hairstyles for Older Women.

This video channel is your ultimate resource to get the latest hairstyles and haircuts in 2017 – 2018. Browse our videos in channel and you will find pixie, braids, buns, waves, curls, ponytails and more!

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  1. These styles aew so old. Nothing new yet??

  2. Long hair in a woman is her crown, her veil….thats why satan wants you to cut it.

  3. I believe the younger women are in the video to show that older women can also wear those young styles. It's not just for the younger generation. My hair goes flat and would require tons of hair products to make it appear close to what's shown. My problem; I'm allergic to chemicals and it's difficult to find scent free products. Therefore my hair doesn't hold.

  4. i live in a 55 plus community and i see this all day = the short cut to the head hair . guess they don't want to have to do anything but wash it and run a brush through it one time. thats not me. think i am the only one around here with light brown hair with blonde highlights.

  5. the most of these are WIGS

  6. Omg we are beautiful and can ware our hair anyways we want

  7. I am nearly 60 yo put one of those pro hairdressers apps that that your photo then shows you about 100 different hairstyles with your face you can even play around with colour get some idea of what doesn’t suit you if nothing else. I showed the hairdresser one of their pictures and have a bob for the first time in my life and I LOVE 💕 IT. So easy to do my hair now I look younger wish I’d been brave enough to do it years ago.

  8. Sorry these "older women" are not

  9. These women are not old, they are middle aged. I am 84, that is old.

  10. Inverted bobs / wedges are cute…even with a little wave. Although, I need short as possible for functionality.

  11. Nice styles! I would not classify a lot of these ladies as ‘older’!

  12. They should have called this video short cuts only if you have straight hair

  13. Not a single woman had curly or unruly hair. Short of chemicals and tons of heat, every hairstyle was unattainable for me. Yall had it pretty EASY with these women's hair….

  14. you can style longer hair you can not wear different styles with short hair. down or wear stright up on your head.

  15. Lord help me now sleep

  16. All straight hair, .mostly blond. Very unfair. Straight hair is easy, long or short. What about tightly curled frizzy hair. These women have all had a big fun life. Always pretty and acceptable. Well do something for the rest of us. Show us in a good light.

  17. Nix all of the Helen Mirren do's.

  18. Why do most people think you need to cut you hair off after a certian age ? Alot of these woman are not old. Woman didn't ever cut their hair. Then all of a sudden ln the early nineteen hundreds someone decieded they were the hair God's. And all the sheeple has followed every since !!!!!

  19. I'm an "older" woman and don't quite get these types of videos since last I looked I saw no older women with pointed or square heads. Every cut on here would work well no matter a woman's age and most of the women shown are younger (with the exception of Helen Mirren who for some reason has been blessed that she would most likely look good with a small pot on her head LOL) so what is the point of this type of video?Just saying

  20. Quisiera saber que corte me queda mi cabello naturalme es ondulado no chino ondulado tengo 52 años es mejor corto o mediano porfavor orienteme

  21. I’m 60 and would like to find a hairdresser that does trendy hair. But all the the hair dressers I go too all do the typical nana styling.

  22. Perfect timing to see this, because I am going for a cut and drastic restyle and am unsure ! I will definitely check out your videos. 😃👍

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