Short Hairstyles for Women Over 50

Short Hairstyles for Women Over 50


Short Hairstyles for Women Over 50 – –
Classy Short Hairstyle for Women
This haircut gets tons of compliments! Adding texture to her fine hair helps it look thicker and fuller

To style, RaDina uses
Monat Root lifter
Monat Moxie Magnifying Mousse
Monat Thickening spray to look more full.
Then dry the hair, add Monat styling clay, back comb and hairspray with Monat Refinish Hairspray.

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RaDona’s videos are specifically for those that are wanting to learn how to cut hair, learn new skills as a hair stylist and to be able to show your own hair stylist, the hairstyle and cut you would like.

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  1. Beautiful lady , love your haircut <3

  2. Very nice haircut and styling. I'm in my 40's but would definitely wear this hairstyle.

  3. Love your Moms cut fantastic ♥️♥️

  4. This is the kind of cut I want! Wish I was closer to you ( I'm in Texas) you would be my hair stylist for life! You should see the cut I got yesterday….I asked for a trim….yeah buddy it's trimmed alright! I have fine hair also, it's so hard to find someone who understands fine thin hair. I love your videos!

  5. COMPLIMENTI, SEI BRAVISSIMA 👍🏾👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼. Mi piace il taglio dei tuoi capelli 😉!!! Tanti saluti dall'Italia 🇮🇹 🤗🙋

  6. умница , молодец и красавица

  7. I'll explain to you: you must know that from how a person washes a rag I can identify features of his personality! if you feel like it, just take a short video where you wash a rag. the rag must be very large, like a towel, and you have to wash it and squeeze it several times … what do you think?

  8. You and your mom are both beautiful! I love this cut!


  10. What color is your Moms hair.

  11. Cute cut! You’ve gotten so thin! You look great. And I love love love your hair!!

  12. I would like a buzz cut from you soon!

  13. What are the names of the products you use I have very little hair it’s fine and
    Not much on top. I am tired of wigs I want to see if I could try some products
    To give me the feel of fullness. I am in my late 70’s I just want to look in the
    Mirror and feel and look my best.

  14. Very nice! Thanks for sharing mom!

  15. Mom u have a beautiful cut . U r so blessed to have a beautiful girl who can cut hair . God bless

  16. Your haircut looks so cute on you. It’s always interesting to watch you cut someone’s hair. I just got my hair done again after letting it go for over 6 months and got another helmet head haircut. I took my texturing shears to it to try and fix it and messed it up more. I was trying to copy you but… it’s hard to cut your own hair and I don’t always really know the angles.. I so wish you could cut it. Seems like most hairdressers aren’t interested in taking the time to make something nice.

  17. Love this! How I miss my Mother!💖

  18. Habla español de que lugar es

  19. Good style, beautiful model, beautiful stylists .

  20. How much weight has Radona lost??? She looks great 👍… but she also looked great before too 🤷‍♀️😊… must be nice!!!!😳

  21. Two beautiful ladies! Love the cut you gave her. ❤💜

  22. I love love love your hair ! Its so great to see a short haircut on someone young. So tired of everyone's same ole flat straight haircut. I watch your videos just to see your hair. I'm working on mine to look lie yours !! 👏👏👏❤✂✂✂

  23. I love how you cut and style mom’s hair It’s so much nicer than the traditional old style sets with rollers all uniformed and under the dryer. Thank You Rodona your mom looks so young and hip. I’m going to switch my ladies to this

  24. Missed you recently, your mom has beautiful hair and you did a lovely cut!

  25. Beautiful mum, beautiful daughter. Your mum’s hair looks so good. I have weird hair, I have natural waves and curls but one side behaves and the other side does its own thing.😂❤️❤️

  26. SO cute on your lovely Mom. I see where you get your beauty RaDona!

  27. Great haircut your mom is beautiful.

  28. Distortion was a much better product !!

  29. Perfecto! Me gustaria ese corte tengo 68 años y me quedaria muy bien. Saludos desde Buenos Aires!

  30. I love when you do the hair cutting videos! Your mom is beautiful

  31. Easy to see where you get your beauty Radona. Your mom is lovely! Super cute cut on her!

  32. good to see another video from your, white and blue..hello to mom..great cut, as well..

  33. no need for too much product

  34. Such a pretty lady! Love the cut! 💞

  35. Your mom is so cute, love this cut!!

  36. Your mom is beautiful. A very lovely cut and style, thanks for sharing.🙂

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