Short Men's haircut with Clipper over comb

Short Men's haircut with Clipper over comb


This short clipper over comb technique is a great staple men’s haircut to learn. This men’s haircut is a #1 + comb on the bottom and a comb + shear on the top. @bushihair
Combs I would personally use…
Cutting Comb by YS Park
Barber comb
Clipper comb of 20 or just 1
Clipper I use:
Blades I would start with for short hair:
1.5 blade
1 blade (I prefer the ceramic blades)
#000 or
Please note that you can use Oster and Andis blades interchangeably.
And let me know if you have questions!!!!

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  1. I like the haircut but you didn't explain anything

  2. If he told you that he wanted a specific length off the top, how would you approach that; since you usually start at the parietal ridge?

  3. You're the best I Like the way you work.
    Love and greetings from Athens Greece.


  5. Hey, where are you from Just curious and great videos 馃槉

  6. Too much skill, wont be trying this anytime soon 馃榾

  7. Wow this video is freakin amazing thank you

  8. Hello, I admire how your explaination is so detailed. I just recently received my license and love to learn more about mens haircut. I find it more challenging to learn men's haircut than women, Your video of different men's cut and style are on point. Thank you! Can you do asian haircut please!

  9. So fascinating to watch. This is how I learn to cut my husbands hair

  10. yes your videos are really helpful and shot well 馃

  11. Love the way she cuts hair, but I cant figure out how she still has the skin over her knuckles, I reckon I would cut it all off over the years…

  12. Do you have a haircut video also for tall men?

  13. Girl, your clipper over comb technique is on POINT!馃槼 Beautiful work, relaxing to watch you work!馃憦馃徎

  14. Damn!! The blinding sparkle from those uptown rings!!

  15. Good techniques utilized. Why not start at the top?

  16. great!! what size detachable clipper you are using??

  17. Aw daaaaaaayuumm this haircut straight FIRE 馃敟馃敟馃挭

  18. Wish you were offering training in Toronto!

  19. classic cut nothing special tho. there are a ton of barbers that should have their own channel that are way more unique and better,

  20. My favorite new YouTube channel!

  21. The way you blended his hair in the back was masterful. For a novice barber those cowlicks would鈥檝e presented a problem but you handled them effortlessly!

  22. Excellent work and fantastic music!

  23. I wish you were my barber. It shows you care about your work…

  24. #1 stylist video on youtube

  25. I tried this at home and my Chia Pet died. #Sa-sa-sa-sad

  26. Good skills. Pleasant personality. Modestly dressed. No tattoos. Your hired!

  27. Amanda, you are the best barber i've learned a lot with you, specially with the clippers over comb. Thank you !

  28. Your techniques are amazing!

  29. What a lovely hairstylist. Smart, attractive and eloquent 鉂わ笍

  30. Definition of salon cut for men. Wonderful wonderful skill set

  31. Nice cut. I鈥檓 a cosmetologist and I started out watching stylist cut all day. There鈥檚 something about the way you cut it鈥檚 so relaxing! I love it!thank you for the hints

  32. Espet谩culo, 馃憢馃憢馃憢馃憢

  33. Applause…Applause! So good!!

  34. Acho a Amanda uma mulher deliciosamente linda. Beijos do Brasil Amanda!

  35. Some people like the disconnect and don't like the perimeter connected, it depends on how they style their hair(pomp, comb over, slick back). Aside from that you are amazing and have great clipper and shear work! As a barber I hate seeing self taught YouTube "educators" making it like skin fades are God's work and everyone should praise them for knowing basics even tho those guys can't even use scissors to save their life. So thank you for showing actual industry tips and techniques

  36. Amanda, greetings from Hellas! I go to barbering school and your videos help me a lot..very educational. So thanks a million! You're amazing, a real pro.


  38. clean and natural..she has her own style ,

  39. Always A1馃檹鉂わ笍馃嚚馃嚘

  40. She should ditch the music in her videos and just let us hear the scissors and clippers working.

  41. Wouldn鈥檛 like to offer me a job would you ?

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