Sorry Not Sorry, Women Have Body Hair: Petra Collins

Sorry Not Sorry, Women Have Body Hair: Petra Collins


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By creating “images that aren’t being shown,” photographer Petra Collins shows generations of women that menstruation isn’t the advertised shameful blue dot and that waxing off all of your hair (as if you were a prepubescent girl for life) isn’t synonymous with beauty. You can help take down society’s airbrushed perceptions of periods, body hair, and beauty by sharing Petra’s journey with your friends and loved ones.

Petra’s video was edited by Andrea Cruz

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  1. A very nice and beautiful girl. Body hairs are natural and sexy 👍🏻🔥🔥😘👏

  2. But….where’s her body hair? I’m confused. I’m SUPER self conscious about this and I have been all my life, starting from childhood. It would have been so much more effective if this video had a woman with actual body hair that you can see. 🙄 (and yes I do understand that some people have light hair)
    But I’m referring to people like me who have felt actual SHAME and isolation because of this. No offense but this girl had no actual body hair problems.

  3. Sorry, not sorry – lips are not red.

  4. Hairy women are much more sexy. It's the way we were created.

  5. Stop the chat, jusr show you body hair, hairy pussy and armplts

  6. If she's hairy then what am i?

  7. As a very hairy guy, scruffy beard, chest, & back I have received a lot of negative attention from women, mostly about my back, some about my chest/tummy, and a little about my beard. Strangely though my legs don't have much hair. (I have received a few comments from people who think I shave my legs). Even though men are hairy and women are not as a stereotypical sociatal view. A hairy body for a man is starting to become an area of debate. Youtube has tone of self-help videos telling men to "manscape" to impress women & other men. So in 20 years men are going to be expected to keep their bodies smooth and women can grow out their hair? Talk about a flip flopping double standard, lol.
    Truthfully, I am more attracted to women who are smooth in certain areas but it is not a prerequisite for attraction in general. Its a personal choice to conform to social peer pressure or walk your own path. But don't get upset with someone for their preferences. That in and of itself is stereotyping. Sometimes I set aside my preferences for convenience but everything is on a sliding scale. But I'm not going to set some preferences aside just because I'm horny or hungry or short on $$. Some foods I won't eat, some clothes I won't wear, and some women I won't date. Some call it standards, I call it preferences. I prefer a ribeye steak but I won't eat a filet if thats all thats on the menue. I won't wear a dress (is that sexist?), I won't date a woman I'm not attracted to in some way. I prefer redheads but I'm not stuck on redheads, I don't compromise on personal hygiene but personal grooming is compromisable. If your plus size but you take care of yourself no problem. If your hot but crazy well thats on a sliding scale (how hot vs how crazy), if you hot but your ugly on the inside, well it doesn't matter how pretty you make a piece of shit its still a piece of shit.

  8. I want to be what I can't see, although I would like to see it here. Older women are desexualized. I am forty-three and am probably the most accepting of myself I have been since the first hair signaling the onset of puberty.

  9. Never really understood this series. Some of the most amazing comments on Femininity and the Female Perspective that I have ever heard have been from women in this series. Yet, why is it that the only way to show these women and their "Style" is to have them basically strip – which is the traditional way that women have always been told they have value – by appearance of their bodies – and in recent times, their willingness to show them.

    To me, these videos would have VAST amounts of more power if the "style" was about their self presentation – how they dress and why. Instead, there is almost nothing about that (a few words at the beginning) while the rest of the video is essentially a getting physically naked, while also getting emotionally naked. Too often, we tell women that the content of their minds and emotions are only valued… while they are showing more of their physical assets.

    It seems this series perpetuates much of the same old stereotypes… but just wraps them up in a fancier presentation. Mostly young and stylish women being provocative by taking their clothes off, for a different reason, but ultimately the same old result.

    All these women are AMAZING – and would still be worth hearing and seeing – even with all their clothes on.

  10. I dont see any hair body look great

  11. I really love her hips is that weird😂

  12. I developed super super sensitive skin postpartum and now it is literally agonizing to shave and wax, And I can't use chemical hair removers. I trim with scissors and when I'm desperate I'll suffer and shave but the other day my husband and I were laying in bed and he rolled over and told me he thought I was absolutely gorgeous with and without any hair, but it made him more and more attracted to me to see me happy and comfortable because I radiated confidence, And it made me never want to shave again.

  13. I LOVE my body hair so much! Especially my leg hair.

  14. waxing also causes ingrown body & that's a pain !!!

  15. "sorry not sorry" Anyone who says shit like that is fucking annoying. These type of people are prone to shit like this. Feminist types. Always bitchin about one thing or another. Forcing people to change views on the most menial normal things. Then whining even more,, saying "see! m'patriarchy".

  16. Fuck. You people are so dumb. Another neandenthal animal having 'problems' with healthy/normal things.

  17. so getting a girl to trip on camera is for what exactly ? …she could have delivered the same message sitting in her cloths.

  18. Thanks I'm super hairy but I want to shave to feel comfortable sometimes in certain clothing but my mom won't let me but I'm there is such a double standard that when women don't shave there ugly or something even tho body hair is natural

  19. Women are human, humans are mammals, mammals are furry. Case closed.
    Armpit hair is simply not a problem.
    Pubic hair is embarrassing only if she insists on wearing swimsuits that bare a lot Down There.
    Leg hair under nylons is distasteful to me. But is this a reason for women to shave their legs? Or for me to reexamine my attitudes?

  20. EVERYBODY wants to look a certain way (and it's rarely how you DO look), because beauty is power, and people want to be as powerful as possible.

  21. Okay.. I never EVER comment on videos but I had to on this. First off, I give major props to anyone who lives their lives honestly and being themselves. But, I was a little bit let down because of the title. I thought it would be about women like me, women with PCOS, or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. If you want to have a conversation about overcoming body hair, talk to one of those ladies. Not saying this is a bad video. Because I love the message. It's one I try to embrace everyday. But it is very different when your talking about someone who decides to stop shaving armpits, the legs, or trimming bikini area to someone who has unchecked body hair on their face, breasts, stomach, butt, and legs all the way up to the bikini area. I know personally these are the girls who need someone to speak for them and to tell them they are beautiful EXACTLY the way they are! 2 cents is done!

  22. my partner is so accepting of my body hair. im very thankful for this!

  23. The only women who cannot hide their armpit hair under clothing are some athletes.
    Women should be able to reveal leg hair without embarrassment when casually dressed in warm weather. When dressed for success, leg hair can be hidden by tights and opaque stockings. Many young women in the 1970s and 80s did this, including my future wife.

    I am surprised that the pubic hair grooming and extermination that began in the 1990s is a fashion that has proven durable, despite the fact that that region of a woman's anatomy is super-intimate. Explicit images circulated by the internet have done a great deal to normalise the depilated groin. For a woman to pose naked while retaining the "full bush" has become a specialised fetish. A woman should be able to engage in naturist recreation while retaining, without embarrassment, as much of her pubic hair as she desires. We all need to adjust our attitudes here.

  24. I took a college class about sex. The professor said that people shouldn't be shaving genetalia. Body hair doesn't fight bacteria but makes sex better. The fluffy ones are going to feel better than the bald. LOL 🙂

  25. I hate body hair, on men and women, under arm hair is just about the most disgusting thing ever.

  26. and where is the hair??????

  27. Man, we need more encouragement for the women with A LOT of body hair.

  28. okay but you can barely even see her body hair. I have dark hair that is noticable from across the room and it grows all the way up to my belly button. She doesn't have to deal with that

  29. Her waist!!❤️

  30. I'm rewatching this a few years later and realizing that it made such an impact on my relationship with my body hair. This video was an eye opener to me that my natural body was beautiful. Thank you ❤️

  31. I have so much respect for her. I really look up to her.

  32. What do you take pictures for? Do you pose for National Geographic

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